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When We Don

    When We Don't Know How to Pray as We Ought

    Spirit of God, moving among us, in us, and through us, take the prayers that lie inarticulate in our hearts, the good ones, the holy ones, the generous ones.  For we donít always know how to pray as we ought. Thoughts jumble, emotions get out of control, and we say nothing to God, or what we say is so general it is as if we say nothing at all.  We need you to guide us and inspire us, that the noble desires of our hearts, formed out of love for Jesus, may rise to the throne of grace, be heard there, and confirmed in what we do when prayer is done and witness resumes.  With you to hold us, we shall be stronger, truer, move loving, more forgiving, disciples of the Lord through whom he shall work the magic of his great kindness until goodness and righteousness and compassion sweep over the earth. Spirit of God, move among us, in us, and through us for Jesusí sake. Amen.

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