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Williams College Class of 1953 Bulletin Board

Williams College Class of 1953 Bulletin Board, November 23, 2009

    Bob Tucker has sent, at my request, photographic evidence of his Rocky Mountain hunting expeditions.  He does it in the fall, with friends, on horseback, using bow and arrows.  The prey is wapiti, what you and I and Bob call elk.

   Here are two of the four photos Bob has provided, along with a self-deprecating note in which he reports that the hunting gear has now been put away and the skiing gear has been retrieved from its summer storage.

    Phil and Jean Ingwersen were not at the fall mini-reunion.  They had prior commitments in Europe, sailing down the Rhine.  Here are a couple of photos which show what they were up to with a sentry box and a bear, plus a scenic shot of the Wachau Valley through which their ship passed.

    Living in West Hartford affords me the easy opportunity to take in Williams' Little Three games each year.  2009 found us in Middletown CT for the November 7th game with the Cardinals of Wesleyan, a match closely contested for a quarter, after which I began to feel sorry for the school with vestigial Methodist connections (a portrait of John Wesley still adorns it flag).  Three of us from the class, shown in the photo below, cheered the team to victory.

    The Amherst game, the final one of the season, found me as the lone representative of our class in the stands.  Where were you, Fritz?  Williams lost to the undefeated Lord Jeffs.  The Ephs came up three yards short, after twice batting passes that the Amherst players caught anyway, one of them for the winning touchdown.  The sky menaced rain for a quarter, then, in usual purple valley fashion, dripped its chill disaffection upon us for the rest of the game.  The free chili at the alumni tent, however, was quite good.

    Other notes from classmates:

  •     John Beard and bride Sandy returned from a Williams Alumni trip to Bhutan and Myanamar in time for a side trip to Florida near Williams friends Canning, Lazor, Hartnett, McGill, and Baker.  A photo of the reunion will be sent provided Sandy can bring John into the digital age.

  •     Dr. Dave Petersen in California apparently tracks the medical progress of classmates, recently phoning George and Marianne Hartnett and being assured they were both on the mend.

  •     Check out John Notz's literary and non-legal endeavors at, as he continues his avocation as an architectural historian, with a focus on The Prairie School.

  •     Pete Sterling received, as surely did several of you, a copy of the "classy brochure" celebrating Mike Scanlan's 50th year at the Franciscan College of Steubenville, noting that our class was listed as a Patron.


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