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Williams Class of 1953 Bulletin

Williams College Class of 1953 Bulletin, November 17, 2011

    After fits and starts, including an auto accident and Alfred's depredations, I've finally gotten around to sorting and selecting photos from the class's two mini-reunions this past fall.  You will also find here photos of a couple of plaques of which I was previously unaware.

    Attending the Snow Bird Special Mini were: Dud Baker and Barbara Weedon; John and Sandy Beard; John Dighton; George and Marianne Hartnett; Chuck and Polly Hebble; Bob and Barbara Howard; Derry and Tess Kruse; Mike Lazor; Bob and Daphne McGill; Jim and Karen Truettner; and Bob and Bobbye Tucker. 

    The class snowbirds flocked to the old nest in the Berkshires the first full weekend in October.  Mike Lazor and Tiger and Daphne McGill were the prime-movers; and Dud Baker did some onsite persuasion with the Alumni Office to accommodate our minimal needs for the Saturday tailgate.

    Four gatherings, all involving food, highlighted the mini: Friday night at the Taconic; Saturday noon tailgate at Weston Field; Saturday night dinner at McGills; and Sunday brunch also at McGills.  Above and below are photos from those festivities. 

    We learned during our time together that Mike Lazor, in addition to his medical wisdom, is also a culinary expert.  He recruited and planned the Saturday night dinner and the Sunday brunch.  We also discovered that the Williams football team is not invincible, losing as they did for the third time in only twenty-six tries to Bates.  Perhaps we can blame the heat.  By the fourth quarter I was down to my T shirt and steaming.

    Two plaques caught my eye this weekend. You probably noted them already.  One of them is situated at the entrance to Weston Field where Coach Bobby Combs managed his baseball teams and Coach Tony Plansky his track and cross-country teams in our day.  The other plaque I found in the pew we occupied Sunday morning.  It honors one of my favorite history teachers and his wife.





    The officially authorized mini was held two weekends later, October 21-23.  Todd and Happy Mauck did the organizing and arranging.  The festivities began at Hobson's Choice Restaurant on Water Street, Friday night, our class occupying one of the front rooms.  It was Dutch treat, but somehow our grandson, Robert Carnes, managed to charm the other diners at his table into paying for his coke and hamburger.  I did try to slip him, at his request, a dark beer, but the waitress, at the proprietor's orders, insisted on delivering it to me.  Fred Preston enjoyed it immensely. Todd Mauck outlined weekend events and reminded us of costs sustained therein. 

A couple of couples (the men having been JA's together in Williams E in 1951-1952, each president of his fraternity the following year) seen at the Friday night festivities:

    Present were: John Allan, Nancy and Peter Connolly, John Dighton, Lucie and Peter Fetterolf, Dan and Carol Fitch, Joy and Walt Flaherty, Barbara and Bob Howard, Derry and Tess Kruse, Jack and Mary Merselis, Harry and Sally Molwitz, Anne and Charlie Mott, Art and Judy Murray, Peg Norwood, Bob and Liz Ouchterloney, Fred and Granthia Preston, Tim Robinson, Bob Sillcox and Sheila Thompson, and Nancy and Peter Sterling.  Under the tent before the game I found Ted Potter and restored him to my class email list.  Fritz Liss and Pat Fishbaugh were there for the game.  Kathleen Piaggesi had planned to attend, but an injury the preceding week caused her to cancel.

    The Saturday morning lecture featured a political science professor on the issue of immigration, from an historical perspective.  Of course, the questions and discussion were lively.

    The "tailgate" on Saturday noon was really a tented picnic.  The college provided chili, sandwiches, tacos, salad, fruit, cookies, soda, hot drinks, and water.  The weather was blustery, the game vs. Tufts a mild diversion (Williams won).  At our age we are privileged to sit on the 50 yard line, park our cars on the grass, and be regarded as relics by the student body.  

    Saturday evening we dined at the Taconic Golf Club.  The class chaplain offered a prayer. A duet of Irishmen abetted by an English baritone led us in the singing of "God Bless America" and "The Mountains."  Todd reported on his negotiations with the college for next year's mini-reunion, now confirmed for October 12-14; and, thoughtful host he always is, Todd liberally distributed thanks to those who helped make the mini a success.  The class agreed that the biggest thanks should go to him and Happy.

    Reserve the dates and find the hotel/motel accommodations for the next mini, October 12-14, 2012.


    Subsequent to the earlier mini-reunion, Dud Baker was admitted to Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston for heart trouble.  During a difficult time there he was kept under the watchful eye of his children, Barbara Weedon, and Don Goldstein. He has recently moved to a rehab facility where he is greatly improved.  Keep him in your thoughts and, if you're of a mind like mine, your prayers too.  

    Class Agent Peter Sterling happily reports, with the approval of Kathleen Piaggesi, Boine Johnson's widow, that a gift in the amount of $25,000 was presented this year to the Class of 1953's Alumni Fund effort, from Boine's estate.  

    Barbara and I attended the Homecoming game vs. Amherst.  We were prepared to be disappointed, and we were not disappointed in our disappointment.  The Lord Jeffs were the superior team, even if their mascot wears a wig and sports a T shirt dissing the better college.  Here are a couple of photos from that dismal day:



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