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Game Report and a Couple of Photos

Game Report and Three Photos

    I thought it would be fun to write to you for a reason considerably less disturbing than the usual solemn notifications.  Besides, Pete Sterling invited me to report on the Homecoming game.

    Barbara and I went to the Wesleyan game last Saturday (November 1st), had a bowl of chili served by John Dighton (in his capacity as member of an alumni advisory committee to the college administration), and watched from the vantage of the new stands as the boys in purple got creamed. I cannot point to a single redeeming feature of our eleven's (really twenty-two's) play. except their stout defense in the red zone.  The Wesleyan running back, No. 23, must have racked up a hundred fifty yards knifing through the Williams line like it was made of Swiss cheese with a lot of holes.  The final score, 22 - 0, doesn't really catch the extent of the devastation. I had been planning to drive this coming weekend to Amherst for the big game; but, considering the likely outcome, I have decided to spare myself another front row seat at a purple (and gold, not silver) wreck.

    I was kept from severe depression by the presence next to me of my wife, my dog, my grandson and his girlfriend.  Said grandson, Robert Carnes, was up from the City, where he works as a paralegal for a law firm, to celebrate a gathering the Class of 1953 never got to enjoy, the 0 year reunion, now an officially recognized alumni event. 

    I solicit your help in identifying the Williams connections of Robert's date.  Her name is Alice Chapman, Class of 2015.  She hails from Pleasantville NY and was graduated from The Masters School in Dobbs Ferry and reports she is a 5th generation Williams legacy.  When I asked her if she had ever heard of my classmate and friend, Alger B. Chapman, Jr., she asked if the "B" was for "Baldwin."  It is, but Alice didn't know why she knew.  Maybe you do.  I spent a little time on Google and discovered that Duke has a son (at least, I think so since his name is ABC III) in San Mateo CA, a highly regarded pediatric physician specializing in infectious diseases.  But my search deadended there. Now that would be pleasing to this old man, to find that Williams not only was the original connection/excuse for meeting the woman who became my wife, but, maybe, only maybe, there will be a deja vu.

    Here are three photos of old men with whom you are acquainted.  Barbara snapped John's and the one of Tappy and me; Dave sent me his.


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