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Williams College Class of 1953 Bulletin Board

Williams College Class of 1953 Bulletin Board, October 31, 2009

    Last weekend Barbara and I welcomed John Hewett to our house in West Hartford for a couple of overnights.  We have a fully-furnished basement apartment with its own bath, TV, and punching bag.  Bear these accommodations in mind when you fly into Bradley and there's no room for you in the inn.

    John flew up from his winter home in Williamsburg VA at the invitation of Coloradan Bob Tucker.  Bob was inducted into the Kingswood-Oxford Athletic Hall of Fame, for his exploits for that prep school as a student and for his encores at Williams, Norway, Switzerland, and the Olympics.  The celebration coincides with Bob's 60th KO Reunion and 100th Anniversary of the founding of the school.  The Hall of Fame day has a name, Hewett Day, after Merritt "Gramp" Hewett, headmaster of Kingswood 1949-1962.  Yes, you already knew, right?, Gramp was John's dad.  John graduated in 1949 from Milton Academy at the tender age of 16.  September that year found him among us in the Class of 1953 in Williamstown.  John has also had a distinguished career as a headmaster and academic institution performance evaluator.  He retired before the new millennium and divides his year between Williamsburg VA and Greensboro VT, the town where he grew up and his bride summered. 

    Bob and Bobbye Tucker spent a month in New England, visiting family on Martha's Vineyard and in East Hartford, combining their trip east with our class's mini, the KO 100th, Bob's 60th, and enough leaf-peeping to tide them over for another year.  Bob promised he would send me a photo of himself in hunting regalia, more like Robin Hood than Natty Bumppo; that is, Bob hunts elk with a bow and arrow.  He and his hunting buddies get at least one a year, sometimes two.  He butchers and cleans what he shoots and, of course, dines for months on filet de wapiti.  He and Bobbye own horses.  On the trail Bobbye is looked to as the "vet."  The Hartford boy and the Kentucky girl are now back home on the ranch.  Give them a call when you are in their part of the world.

    Some additional news of the class:

  •         Bill Kimbrough happily reports that his kidney has begun to function normally; he and Janice thank you for your thoughts, prayers, and cards.

  •         Dick and Audrey Salladin write (by way of Pete Sterling) that his health continues to be a problem.

  •         Woody D'Oench, Bob Howard, and John Dighton will be looking for you on Saturday, November 7th, a the Wesleyan game in Middletown.



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