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Williams College Class of 1953 Bulletin Board

Williams College Class of 1953 Bulletin Board, October 15, 2010

    In the days immediately following my report to you of the October 2010 Mini-Reunion, I received, understandably, responses from many of you, most of whom were at the gathering, but also several who weren't. This bulletin brings you some of those responses, in toto or in brief.

    First and most important, remembering the shadow of worry hanging over our mini, here is the good news from John Dighton about Joan:

Dear Bob,

Thanks so much for spreading the word and gathering prayers and best wishes for Joan at the Mini-reunion.  Joan was released from the hospital this morning and admitted to the Providence Care Center here in Lenox, located just around the corner from our house.  She still has no speech or the use of her right arm and leg, but has already been started on Physical and speech therapy.  The place is very attractive, the staff friendly and interested in the patients and so I and my family feel so much more upbeat than we did in the desperate first days after her stroke.  We have a long road ahead but plan to keep her working toward recovery.  Thanks again and love to Barbara

                                                        John D


   Subsequent to the posting of the mini report, I canvassed you for help with classmates for whom I once had Email addresses, but, of late, was getting returns indicating "address unknown."  Dave Byerly Emailed me to assure me that, yes, he has been receiving my alerts, but his Email server, following a change in his address, continued to send out misinformation.  Dave Palmer, in response to finding Al Good on the list, informed me (and now you):

During alumni fund solicitations last year I too was unable to reach Al Good. I had 75 Park Street do some research, and learned, alas, that Al is mentally incapacitated, and in some institution appropriate for care of his affliction. The word back was that there was no point in trying to communicate with him.

We grow older; time and the erosions of our mortality take their toll.  Dave also reminisced in his Email about Dan Kleppner, recent honoree at Williams for his work in teaching physics, with whom Dave enjoyed e-mail exchanges about our memories of long ago. The speech is available on the Williams web site under "Convocation of...".


    Bob Auchincloss regretted his inability to attend the mini; but he sent along a photo which may explain his absence:

Motorcycles may not be safer than hot air balloons, but they are more grounded.


    Dan and Marge Harkins, our breakfast companions at the 1896 House motel, prompted me, for no reason I can recall, to send them a hyperlink to the website for Joaquin Roche (sometime '53er, my entrymate in Sage F, who introduced me to weightlifting).  It occurred to me you also might be interested in this seaside villa in the Yucatan, owned by Joaquin and for rent at an extremely modest price, with housekeeper and cook:

I think I found an Email address for Joaquin:


    George Stege had intended to attend the mini, but his daughter was injured in a motorcycle accident and all plans were put on hold.  He and Evie took a ten week swing east (from their home in Washington State), prior to the accident.  Among the delights of that journey was an evening spent with freshman roomie Don Rand and Marlene in Libertyville IL. 

    Joe Fell, Woody D'Oench, John Notz, Paula Jay, and Bob Morrison, non-attendees at the mini, sent their regards.  As did Dave Pyle, for whom the Greylock photos brought back memories of a rumble seat ride with a date on a houseparty weekend.  Attendees sending appreciation were Mike Lazor, Hank Norwood, and Don Goldstein who regretted that he and Connie would not be able to attend next year's mini because the dates coincided with Yom Kippur... to which I responded that we would miss them but were assured the weather for the weekend would be, as it usually is for the octave of Rosh Hoshanna and Yom Kippur, delightful.  Don promised to pray for it.


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