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Class of 1953 Bulletin Board

Class of 1953 Bulletin Board, September 30, 2008

    A reminder of the upcoming mini-reunion October 10-12.  Here's Pete Connolly's letter, the one you received several weeks ago:

    Pete reports that the following people have said they will be in Williamstown the weekend after next: Dud and Gerry Baker, Bob and Jane Bauer, John and Joan Dighton, Pete and Susan Connolly, Lucie and Pete Fetterolf, Dan Fitch, Joy and Walter Flaherty, Harry and Nettie Houghton, Barbara and Bob Howard, Jean and Phil Ingwersen, Derry and Terry Kruse, Jeanne and Mike Lazor, Happy and Todd Mauck, Bob and Daphne McGill, Anne and Charlie Mott, Hank and Peg Norwood, Fred and Granthia Preston, Jill Robin and Seth Schapiro, Jim and Sharon Tompkins, and Barbara Weedon.  One returning classmate's postcard submission was undecipherable.

    The Sterlings, Schreiers, and Ouchterloneys expressed the hope that they will be able to attend. 


Other news:

    Dan and Marge Harkins celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary August 30th at the New York Athletic Club.  I asked the obvious question.  What were Ohioans doing reveling in NYC?  Their son-in-law belongs to the NYAC, and the Club is centrally located for those who would be attending.  Go ahead, Dan and Marge: add our congratulations to the many you've received.

    The Vermont chapter of the Class of 1953 convened Monday, August 24th, at the summer home of Chuck and Polly Hebble along the shore of Ticklenaked Pond in Ryegate.  Present were: the Hebbles, the Howards, the Pikes, and Fred Preston.  Here are photos from the evening gathering.


    Here's a cameo of the missing photographer:

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