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Williams Class of 1953 Bulletin

Williams Class of 1953 Bulletin, September 1, 2011

    We've returned from Vermont after a three week sojourn, in our cabin on a hillside facing the mountains of the Connecticut River Valley.  We escaped the flooding of hurricane Irene, arriving home in West Hartford CT Tuesday, August 23rd, the better to provide trucking for our twin grandsons going back for sophomore years at, respectively, UConn at Storrs and Williams.  We did hear, subsequent to Irene's depredations, that the community a couple of valleys south of our green hill suffered damage to all of its roadways and was marooned.  Helicopters delivered food and medicine to Strafford, the home until this past winter of Bill and Linda Williams, now resident in Wilder VT... which (Wilder), if the destruction in White River Jct to the immediate south, is any indication, probably witnessed torn roadways and washed away bridges.

    I provide this weather report principally as a setting for the biggest and happiest event of our summer in Corinth, the annual gathering of Williams '53 in Vermont, cocktails, country meal, and fireside.  Here are photos of that evening: 

    The lone disappointment of the evening was the inability of Bill and Linda Williams to make the event.  Linda spent the previous day in the Dartmouth Hospital for a surgical procedure; and, though vibrant (my adjective for her voice on the telephone) on Thursday, she and Bill thought discretion the better part of valor for Saturday night.

   During dinner as is our wont we remembered past glories. I spoke with Pike about hockey versus RPI.  I seemed to recollect his telling me that the engineers to the west had a center named Muscovitz who warmed up for the game without lacing up his skates.  Captain Pike reported, yes, 'twas true; and that the Williams team lost 22 - 2 that night (even though the previous year the Ephs were victorious).  The goalie for Williams, Buddy Hudson, was ready to give up the game after the shell shocking he endured. 

    No marshmallows were roasted; neither were any classmates.  The evening was another reminder of my earlier benediction on our class, that we may not have been the most accomplished or successful of Williams grads, but we sure are the most convivial... which, conviviality, goes a long way to fulfilling the purpose of life.


   You are reminded about the mini-reunion the third weekend in October, Friday the 21st through Sunday the 23rd.   Friday at 7 PM we dine at Hobson's Choice on Water Street.  Faculty presentation in Brooks Saturday morning.  Tailgate at Weston Field Saturday at 12 Noon; game vs. Bowdoin, 1PM.  Dinner Sunday night at the Taconic Golf Club at 7 PM, cocktails at 6 PM.  Direct any questions to Todd Mauck:



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