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Class of 1953 Bulletin Board

Class of 1953 Bulletin Board, July 30, 2008

July 29th - Bill Kimbrough reports the sad news of Tommy Dorsey's death:

Bob--You might not know that Tom Dorsey died on the 24th, and the obituary was in the Denver Sunday paper.  You know that he had a brain tumor that was not totally removed,  and with several strokes,  he had been in a bad way since last November. There will be a small family gathering next Sunday [August 3] in Denver. If anyone wants to send a memorial, the family has suggested donations to the Williams College football program in his memory. He was a wonderful guy who will be missed. You might want to tell any classmates who might not have heard---Best Regards, Bill Kimbrough

From the Denver Post, July 27, 2008--

Born on September 10, 1930 at Rockville Center, Long Island, and died on July 24, 2008 in Greenwood Village, CO. Son of Tommy and Mildred "Toots" Dorsey. Graduated from Hotchkiss Boys' School and Williams College, where he participated in football, skiing, and numerous other sports. After graduating from college, he spent the summer traveling with his father's band, The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra. He served his country as a Naval Aviator, attaining the rank of Lieutenant. In 1960, he married Barbara Somers, and this union produced three children, Reynolds, Reaney, and Thomas. They spent most of their married lives in Colorado, where he worked for IBM, retiring after 25 years of service. Tom and Barbara loved to travel and attend jazz parties. He is survived by his wife, children and grandchildren, Tyler, Ryan, Erin, Sydney, and Thomas. Private services will be held.


July 27th - Our peripatetic classmate, inveterate ornithologist, John Allan, sends this message before heading south, way south:

Dear Bob,

As spiritual leader of the Class of 1953, you might want to remind the Hindu members of the class that celebration  of Bhimarata is approaching. The ritual is celebrated when one is 77 years, 7 months, 7 days, 7 hours and 7 minutes old, and it involves mounting a chariot (I'd guess my Ford Escape will be an acceptable substitute) and riding to services at a stupa, preferably one that you have commissioned. I think those of us still around will come to that milestone this year or next.

 I'm off tomorrow for Brazil to bird on the Rio Roosevelt, a river explored by Teddy almost 100 years ago when he was seeking diversion from the disappointment of losing to Woodrow Wilson.



Hmm... for me that calculates to July 29, 2009 at 2:14 AM.  It's a wonderful way for me to make up for all of those shortchanged birthdays suffered when I was just a young thing and the family presented me on December 21st with gifts that read, "Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas, Bobby."


July 8th - George Stege and Bob Tucker wrote in response to the news of Bob Utiger's passing.

I was very sorry to hear of Bob Utiger's death. He was a very pleasant, balanced and obviously intelligent guy. He was the only one of our class that I knew of that considered Williams easier than his secondary school; I think he went to Exeter.

George Stege

And Bob Tucker remembering Bob Utiger and also meditating upon Bob Howard's years among the Norwegian-Americans in Brooklyn:

I remember Bob Utiger quite well and I was saddened to hear of his death. What a marvelous life of contribution and achievement!

 For the first time, I took the opportunity of scrolling through your Williams musings. What got my attention was your trip to Norway, reading through the whole venture. You probably don't know this, but I began my working career in Norway. After attending the University of Oslo Summer School (George Olmsted was my roommate) and learning the language, I worked there in the aluminum industry. Putte Westergaard introduced me to a variety of people.......and I still have friends there, including one who came to Williamstown during our 55th Reunion. He was on his way to Middlebury for his 55th.

 Some day we will have to compare notes. Bobbye and I did the Hurtigruten trip in 2001 but we got off on the Lofoten Islands and spent time there before heading to Narvik and eventually taking a train from Narvik across Sweden to Helsinki and then to St. Petersburg. I am still fluent in Norwegian and,  if things work out, we plan to take a house in Oslo next Spring for 6 or more weeks. Not many of my old friends are still alive, but it will be fun to visit one more time. When you spoke of being "home" in the Norwegian environment, I understand what you mean. Norway is very much home to me...I've probably been back  at least 5 or 6 times.

 Interesting world!



July 29th - Pete Sterling on a visit with Duke Chapman

Bob... want to pass along that I had a very nice visit with Duke Chapman and wife Bea in Little Rock last Thursday-Friday.  Amy's [Pete's daughter] son Ben was in a national 15 year old soccer tournament.  Called Duke and was invited to spend two nights.  The Chapmans have a wonderful home with guest house. Duke commuting to Chicago  weekly for consulting activities.  He looks well and they seem very happy... Little Rock her hometown and Mom there... fun seeing them .  Don't have his correct e-mail... gather you do as he indicated he is on your roster.  Primary class connection apparently is Steve Kaufman... assume you all are in VT... very envious.

Best, Pete

In fact, I don't have Duke's Email address, at least one that works.  He's not alone.  Here is a listing of classmates for whom neither the Alumni Office nor Bob Howard have accurate Email addresses.  If you can supply me with electronic addresses for any of these classmates, I would greatly appreciate it.

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