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Williams College Class of 1953 Bulletin Board

Williams College Class of 1953 Bulletin Board

July 1, 2008

Sally Utiger
sends the sad news that husband Bob (Dr. Robert Utiger) died Sunday, June 29th, following a long battle with cancer.  He had been in Hospice Care for the past several weeks.  Sally had contacted me (RWH) a week ago to alert me to Bob's life-threatening condition.  Here, in Sally's own words, is her report (a week prior to bob's death) and tribute to Bob:

Not many people know that Bob was diagnosed with lung cancer in January 2007.  Despite surgery and many rounds of chemo, he continued to work full time until April, when we learned that the cancer had metastasized to the brain.  Even then, he continued with radiation along with a slightly abbreviated work schedule until a respiratory crisis put him in the hospital.  As soon as he was stable, we brought him home on hospice care.  We are astounded but not surprised that his will to live has carried him to this point.  He has been off all nutritional support for over a week due to congestion problems and still he fights on, on his own timetable.  We cherish every one of these last moments, but it is oh so painful watching him slip away.  I am grateful that we were able to have him at home during these final days.
We had originally planned on attending Reunion and when it became obvious that it would not be possible, we talked with Don Rand and even made tentative plans for him and Marlie to stop by here on their way to Williamstown.  Due to Bob's declining condition, those plans did not materialize, but we both were happy that we had the memories of the big 50 in 2003.
We have been married for 54 years.  I can't even begin to list his amazing achievements in the field of medicine, specifically as one of the world's leading experts on the thyroid gland and its diseases.  Those are not my words, but came from the presentation of one of his more recent awards.  More important to me and our three children is the legacy he will leave us as a loving husband and father.

    As plans for Bob's interment are confirmed (sometime later this summer or early fall, in Peru, Vermont), I (RWH) shall pass them along to you.  As soon as the obituary is published I'll try to send you a hyperlink to the newspaper or, equally likely, reprint it on this website.  Bob had a distinguished career in medical research on endocrinology.  Proof of his distinction, were any needed, was the ease with which I accessed two photos from Google, one of which stands alongside this report. 

    Sally, in keeping with Bob's wishes, has asked that any gifts in his memory should be sent either to Williams College or the Washington University School of Medicine.  I have contacted the Alumni Relations Office today and, with Sally's approval, commend to you the Office's suggestion that any gifts classmates would like to make be directed to: Williams College, The Robert Utiger Memorial Fund, 75 Park Street, Williamstown MA 01267.  These contributions will be added to the Class' Alumni Fund gifts for 2008-9. 

    If you would like to send Sally your thoughts and sympathies, you may do so by Email:  By regular mail, address your notes and letters to: Sally Utiger, 147 Hickory Rd., Weston MA 02193-1469.  Sally's phone number is 781-431-8454.

    Attached to the Email alert providing you with the hyperlink to this posting there is a DOC file I borrowed from the Internet.  It tells of an award Bob recently received... and the reasons why he was honored.

Vermont - Bob Howard reporting.  Barbara and I spent a couple of days in the Green Hills opening our cabin for summer use.  On Saturday while scurrying between Barre and Montpelier in frustration with the cell phone company, I stopped for a moment in front of a Shaw Supermarket in Berlin to take a photo of the following bumper sticker.

Sunday we worshiped at the United Church of Strafford where Bill and Linda Williams found us, sat with us, enabling Bill and I to win plaudits from a woman near us for such "fine male voices" singing hymns.  The Williamses just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with their family in their house in Strafford.  They were unable to get to our 55th by reason of preparation for that celebration.


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