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Williams College Class of 1953 Bulletin Board

Williams College Class of 1953 Bulletin Board, June 24, 2010

The immediate occasion for this bulletin is to apprise you of the death of classmate Donald G. Marshall, Edina MN, law professor at the University of Minnesota, on May 28th following a fall at home.  Like many of the rest of us he was 79 years old.  Steve Klein, anticipating a couple of weeks in his summer gathering place with daughters and their families in Gloucester MA, phoned me yesterday with the sad news.  Steve had in hand an obit from the Minneapolis Star Tribune, but, for the life of me, I could not access it (or so much as find a hint of it) despite rigorous Googling.  I did find the following obituary on the University of Minneapolis website.  Steve will excerpt for his column in Class Notes some of the superlatives in the newspaper article.


On a happier note consider this photo of a gathering of Sigs, convened by Woody D'Oench at Farrell's of Portland CT.  What you are not able to discern is the content of the four glasses: two O'Douls, one Amstel, and one Bass Ale.  The sole real beer/ale among the near beer and two non-alcoholic quaffs belonged to the only one of the three who was a steadfast teetotaler from 1949 through three weeks in May 1953. Perhaps, but only perhaps, the lesson in this turnabout is that if you wait until you're seventy to drink the hard stuff, you can drink it without warnings from your doctor.  

Dan was last seen by me at our graduation in 1953.  Fifty-seven years later it was like we had last seen each other a week earlier.  Dan lives in East Haddam, was driving a new (for him) Expedition, and is looking for a seaside home in the mid-Atlantic states where he can pursue his twin passions, horses and sailboats. 

Howie Potter lives in Guilford CT.  Subsequent to our luncheon, I learned that he had been named "Potter Baby" at Nichols School in Buffalo, by a teacher.  The nickname stuck and Howie often signs his name "Howie PB."  That's a tidbit I picked up from a retired internist I met in the pool in West Hartford's Aquatic Center, a Nichols and Princeton graduate, '49 and '53.  I told him that in the fall of 1950 when Williams played Princeton at Palmer Stadium, I sat in the stands with a sprained knee; and it was the only game that year I didn't start at fullback... "which explains," he teased, "why Williams lost?"

Woody resides in Portland across the river from the power plant explosion this winter in Middletown.  Wife Nancy continues to edit and author books on gardens and floral arrangements for the Garden Club of America.


I experienced a small epiphany Sunday morning, June 6th, in Chandler gym, sitting in the overflow seats of the graduation ceremony at Williams College.  If you are curious about my "purple epiphany," just follow this hyperlink to a posting at another corner of this website: How I Got Into WilliamsFor some additional bragging by Bobby, check out Graduation.


You just never know whom you will be bumping into when you are a world traveler.  Here's a photo of an unanticipated reunion at Heathrow Airport, by a couple of couples who are no strangers to reunions, especially those in Williamstown.  The Prestons now reside in Hanover NH.


John Dighton, who is our Class' #1 Williams sports fan (soccer, football, and basketball) - sorry, Fritz - was present for the NCAA Division 3 championship this past April.  Here is John's photo from and report on the tournament:

As you can see,the class of '53 was well represented at the D3 Final Four competition in Salem, Va. last weekend. I recruited my son, Chris, son-in-law Gary and grandsons John and Matt to join me in the road trip (for the third time) so Williams was cheered on by denizens of Hobart, Nasson College in Maine, UConn and Ridgefield (Ct) High School.  The Ephs were edged out for the title by 5 points but really covered themselves with glory. A large turnout of alumni, friends and a few undergraduates enthusiastically backed the Ephs and were privileged to greet the team Friday night after their semi-final victory at a reception at the Roanoke Hotel. I talked briefly with interim Williams President Bill Wagner and AD Harry Sheehy.  I can tell you that Williams is fortunate to be represented by such a fine group of young men as our basketball players!


John Beard reports on his southern escape from mid-Atlantic blizzards:

Dear Bob: Those who migrated to Florida this season hoping to find sun and warmth have been mightily disappointed. But, not so much so as to wish to head back north anytime soon. My "other" town, Charlottesville, VA., has been the snow capitol of the mid-Atlantic this season, with some 40 inches having fallen since late Dec. This is preamble to saying that '53ers on the Atlantic coast have managed several get-togethers amidst the raindrops. In early March, the Vero Beach Alumni Group hosted former Pres., John Chandler, for a "then and now" chat. Dudley Baker ... who is doing quite well since Gerry passed away ..., Inge and Gordy Canning, Jim Truettner, Daphne and Bob McGill and the Beards clustered together. Mac Simms offered high fives, but he/his bride moved to a table of younger attendees. Dudley, George and Marianne Hartnett, Sandy and I will dine together on Tuesday Mar 23 ... tonight.

 So, do I earn a gold star for regional reporting, or what?  Allbest, JB

You bet! 


Finally (that is, exhausting my supply of copy) Tom Belshe, ever the Dad, reports on his excursions East in search of a suitable college for the last of his daughters, Maggie.  Here's most if not all of his Email to me:

We are all well (altho everyone down with a severe cold last month.)  Thought of you earlier in February when Maggie and I drove thru Stamford on the way to visit Yale, Rhode Island School of Design, and Brown. We were on a very packed trip so couldn't arrange even a brief visit. Ended back in NY and looked at NYU, Vassar, Sarah Lawrence, and Barnard.  Next week, she looks at Rice, Oberlin , and Rice, and then we'll trot out the UC Campuses.   Have no idea of where she can get in or where she really wants to go but she's very artistic and an excellent writer.  Mary continues to be in great shape so all is well with the Belshe's. 




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