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Williams College Class of 1953 Bulletin Board

Williams College Class of 1953 Bulletin Board

June 20, 2008 - Posted by Bob Howard

    In response to the two recent postings additional photos of our 55th Reunion were sent to me.  Here are two of them:

From Bob Sillcox

From Mike Goldstein

    Due to the idiosyncrasies of web technology, you may not have been able to access on the previous Bulletin Board (06/11) the correction of the listing of the class officer for Estate Planning and Bequests.  It will be John Beard.

    During the past couple of weeks I have also gathered these tidbits of personal information about which I suspect you would like to be apprised:

    From John Allan, editor of the reunion booklet: I talked with Brooks Foehl on Monday, and he said he would send out copies of the reunion book to classmates who did not attend. He didn't say when.  I wrote a note to be included in the mailing  because the book, coming in out of the blue, would be a little confusing.

    From Phil Ingwersen: Sorry I missed it. My lumbar spine is now fused and all went very well.

    From Ken Brown: Though I couldn't make it, the pictures made me feel right at home. Thanks for sending them out. Though it was the class's 55th, Carol and I celebrated our 57th on June 3rd.

    From Doug Reed: Certainly makes me proud to be a Williams grad and a '53'er too. Unfortunately for me, my wife was undergoing a knee replacement at the time. Again, thanks for keeping me in the loop.

    From Bodley Stites: Thanks for the excellent collection of pictures of elderly gentlemen and their trophy wives.  It looks like a great time, and I'm sorry my wife and I couldn't be there. 

    From Mike Scanlan: Here is my update. I continue to serve as Chancellor of Franciscan University. After twenty-six years as President with all the business meetings, I am delighted to have my current position which is primarily directed at being a pastor or spiritual father to the students. I am in my eighth year as Chancellor, and in my 40th year of service to this university. God has blessed us with constant growth in numbers and in academic standards.  The two alumni of Williams who have been most involved are Bill Callaghan and George Steinbrenner. Bill served as a trustee. George came to Steubenville to be the keynote speaker for our first capital campaign to eliminate all debt. At that time he spoke mainly about my borrowing his car to go dating in Bennington. George and I were part of the Deke roommate gang that lived together in Morgan Hall. George was sports editor and I was his assistant for the school paper. My regular contact with Williams has been centered on the Newman Club. I was president of the club as a student and I have been encouraging them in various ways over the years... I continue to live as a Franciscan Priest in the Holy Spirit Friary on campus. We have twenty friars who serve on this campus and our overseas campus in Gaming, Austria... At my age the students like my history as a deckhand in the merchant marine, a cab driver in New York City, a night elevator operator, a handyman at a summer camp for Catholic women. These were summer jobs.  Then as a JAG officer in the Air Force and having been engaged to be married.



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