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Class of 1953 Bulletin Board

Class of 1953 Bulletin Board - June 2009

    Some news of recent events along with a few photos from a 50th wedding anniversary celebration last fall.

    John Beard and Sandy (Sandra) Clark Sisk were married May 24 at Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Greenwood VA.  Here is a cameo clip of the newlyweds, from a photo taken last June at our 55th. 


    Slim and Marge Harkins' children feted them at the New York Athletic Club last September to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.  Here's a photo from that golden evening, taken, I assume, from a balcony of the Club overlooking Central Park.  "Himself" is our own '53er Slim.



    A few weeks ago George and Marianne Hartnett Emailed a number of us by way of reporting George's near miraculous recovery from injuries sustained in a fall this past winter.  Marianne, who refers to herself as Nurse Ratchett, provided him with the encouragement and the occasional prodding George needed.  Now it's his turn to do the nursing: Marianne underwent hip replacement surgery on May 20th. Here's a cameo clip of Joe (Geo) and Marianne taken a year ago at our 55th.

    Barbara and I are planning to attend the Williams Alumni Reunion this Saturday.  Our daughter (Kathryn Curtis '84) and her family will be marching in the parade.  Fred and Granthia Preston will also be attending the reunion but will be leaving Saturday before we arrive.  They alerted us to the likely appearance at the reunion of Bob Sillcox, who will be there with a friend, Sheila.  Here's a photo of Bob, Fred, and Bob's daughter Paige.

    Remember the mini-reunion this fall, Friday, October 9 through Sunday, October 11.  Get your lodging reservations soon.  Tim and Maren Robinson, I am assured from a flurry of Emails, will be there.     



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