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Williams College Class of 1953 Bulletin Board

Williams College Class of 1953 Bulletin Board

June 11, 2008 - Posted by Bob Howard

    Sunday morning, June 8th, at 9 AM Barbara and I attended the Memorial Service in the chapel.  President Dighton was in the choir.  Don and Marlene Rand sat a couple of benches in front of us. Granthia and Fred were also there.  We were in a rush to get to First Congregational Church for their 10:30 service, so we didn't get a chance to thoroughly scan the assembly for '53ers.  Let me know if you were overlooked.  The tower bell was tolled in remembrance of grads who had died since the last reunion; but no names were listed in the program.  I propose here to make up for that deficiency, at least as far as our class is concerned.

    The Alumni Relations Office provided me with this list of classmates who have died since our last five year reunion:

Charles A. Owen  06/18/2003

Hugh H. Weedon  09/02/2003

David Greenewalt  10/21/2003

Dick Squires  11/12/2003

William H. Kinkead III  01/04/2004

Robert L. Thompson  08/09/2004

David S. Morgan  11/21/2004

Rulon E. Wetherill  12/07/2004

Fred G. Burke  03/11/2005

Allan P. Casson  04/01/2005

Eugene M. Ambard  08/24/2005

Wesley J. Pelkey  11/20/2005

Robert A. Bennett   01/15/2006

Alan D. Matzger  02/05/2006

Donald F. Campbell  09/06/2006

Philip S. Barnes, Jr.  09/16/2006

George H. Wilkie  04/14/2007

Robert J. Delaney, Jr. 10/13/2007

George Cain  04/23/2008

    What couldn't be done in the chapel's service, but I can do here is to add to this list those wives of classmates who have died.  It certainly is not an inclusive list.  Please send me the names of those who should be added to it.

Elizabeth Friend

Jean Lange

Susie Beard

Teeny Shorb

Sandy Sillcox

    And here's a prayer of thanksgiving:

    Eternal God, in whom we live and move and have our being, whose mercy and love enfold all your children, not just some of them, all of us, everyone, God of the wide and deep embrace, we remember and say our thanks for these our classmates and wives with whom we shared the privilege of life and friendship: Charles, Hugh, David, Dick, William, Robert, David, Rulon, Fred, Allan, Eugene, Wesley, Robert, Alan, Donald, Philip, George, Robert, and George; and Elizabeth, Jean, Susan, Katherine, and Sandra. Hold them in their deaths as you have in their lives.  Grant them peace.  And, God, give to those of us who remain, as long as we have life and breath, a still more certain sense of just how lucky we are to have made this journey with good friends, patient spouses, and more than our share of earth's bounty.  Amen and Amen.


June 11, 2008 - Posted by Bob Howard

     Silent Auction at Class Dinner at McGill's: thanks to Todd and Happy Mauck, with some onsite oomph from Kathleen Piaggesi, $2,700 was raised for the class treasury, much of it to pay off debts incurred with the reunion.  Maybe there will be sufficient overage to pay for drinks at the October mini-reunion.

    Speaking of which, the October mini-reunion, it will take place the weekend of the 10th, 11th, and 12th.  Get your motel reservations soon.

    President John Dighton announced the slate of officers for the coming year:

President - John Dighton

Vice President - John Allan

Secretary - Steve Klein

Treasurer - Peter Connolly

Agent - Peter Sterling

Estate Planning and Bequests - Bob Shorb

Webmaster - Bob Howard

Watching over us for the several days of our reunion festivities was Chris Robare, the liaison with Alumni Services.  She was ever on hand to pick up the pieces... which she did quite literally when a drinking glass on a window sill fell and shattered when a fan she had requisitioned blew it from its perch in the TV room at Dodd House.  You can send her a note of personal thanks

    A better hyperlink (please don't ask me why one should be needed) with which to access the reunion report, now that it has been corrected, is: 55th Reunion.




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