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The Baptism of a Beautiful Child of God

The Baptism of a Beautiful Child of God

    Sohani Dion (Urdu for "beautiful child of God") Curtis welcomed family and friends to her baptism this past Sunday afternoon, November 20th.  She was the center of attraction at 75 Fox Chase Lane in West Hartford CT.  Grandma Howard set a small stand in front of the large living room windows, covered it with a linen cloth, and placed a small bouquet to the side, the better to accommodate a large cut glass bowl provided by Sohani's Mom and Dad to serve as the baptismal font. 

    A program was printed.  Here is the enlarged edition, the one used by the baptizer:

    The cherub/angel will show, to those of you already privileged to have seen other work, the hand of Sohani's aunt, Betsy Carnes. 

    A feasting celebration followed.  Grandma Barbara and Aunt Betsy made vegetarian lasagna; Grandma Fran brought her delicious christening cake and twenty-four apple dumplings (her name for them; I would call them super-popovers).  The only disappointment of the afternoon, a small one, shared by the men present, but muted for the sake of the celebration, was the failure of cable TV down Hartford way to provide coverage for the Patriots' game (they won anyway!).  The party continued into the dark of early evening before aunts and uncles, most of them from the Bay State, departed for their homes. 

    Herewith are a few more photos from the afternoon.








Thanks to Sohani's Cousin, Robert Carnes, for these photos.

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