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Follow-up on Tuesday at Walbaum's and Sunday at the Fish Church

    Waldbaum's: I returned to the scene of the traffic jam, only this time there was no 10% discount among the bald and gray hairs, of which there were still many.  I went as is my wont to the automatic checkout machine and waited patiently (I thought) while another electronically capable shopper finished paying for a few items.  No sooner did she depart, then a woman, even older than I am, pushed her way to the machine I knew was my turn.  "Pardon me," I said with a certain insistence, "I believe I'm next."  "No!" she shot back in me, "I'm next."  Another woman walking behind her in front of me blocked me from taking what was rightfully mine.  "Give me a break!" I explained.  The line-breaker muttered something to the effect, "I'll give you a real break all right..."  The machismo in me rose rapidly.  Before I could shout my complaint directly in the woman's face and appeal to the technician at the monitoring desk, the woman with her smiled at me sheepishly and almost apologized, saying, "I am her sister and I have to live with her."  I was disarmed... or dismouthed.  I chuckled, thinking, "You never know what's going to happen next."  Meanwhile the sister kept her eyes fixed on me.  I found an open machine, paid for my Bagel Bits, and departed as the sister smiled as if begging my forgiveness. 

    You see, there are other seniors who know how to operate the electronic check-out system.  Some of them are just as rude, or impatient, as I am.

    Review of The Fish Church, First Presbyterian Church, Stamford CT: today's (1/18) mail brought with it copies of the December and January Stepping Stones, newsletters of the Presbyterian Church in my hometown, the only church that has, so far, won from CC a five halo rating.  As I reread the text I was surprised to find out how long the copy was and just how many words I had written. Barbara (I'm her husband) looked up from her chicken soup and smiled, "There are a lot of words on your website."  Forgive me, I'm just trying to keep my mind and heart active by running off at the keyboard.  On the other hand, I could also wish that there were more five halo churches to review.  If you know of one, clue me in.


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