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Sarlat Reunion

    Serendipity, my late father-in-law, a Methodist preacher, explained in one of his favorite sermons, is going in search of a treasure and finding an even better one.  Such was our experience, serendipitous, this past Saturday at the Homecoming football game in which Williams played Amherst for the Little Three title. 

    Amherst was favored on the strength of its shellacking of Wesleyan a couple of weeks earlier 45 - 0.  Williams took an early lead following a blocked Amherst punt and a skillful Williams pass.  Amherst stormed back, largely on the shoulderpads of its running back who, each time he plunged into the line, seemed to carry four or five Williams tacklers seven yards before falling to the ground.  I thought the momentum had turned in the Lord Jeff's favor when the clock ran out at the half.  But the Williams defense tightened in the second half, neither team scored another point, and the game ended with an Amherst last second "hail Mary" pass that a Williams cornerback swatted to the ground.  It was a 14 -10 payback for Amherst's spoiling of the Ephmen's otherwise perfect 2002 season.

    But the serendipity, dear Williams travelers, wasn't the victory (which I anticipated); but the discovery at the fifty yard line of four couples with whom Barbara and I had shared a wonderful week in southern France.  I had gone to the game expecting to find classmates.  I found three of them.  But I also found eight other friends.  Serendipity.  Herewith are snapshots from the unplanned reunion.

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