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Purple Prayers IV

Purple Prayers IV - 60th Reunion, June 6-9,2013


Thursday night dinner in the tent outside Dodd House

God of the universe and everything in it, including our small corner, you have blessed us with many things, one of which this night of reunion and remembering is due for celebration, namely our length of years.  By your grace and favor we have not only survived, but prospered. The life you breathed into us four score plus years ago continues to rise within us, if not as fulsome as once, then stronger than we have any right to expect.  We praise you too for the good company in which you have placed us, heritage and families, sure, but friends and neighbors, thinking tonight especially of the people gathered here, or wanted to be here but couldnít be, by reason of health or mortality: they too are your gifts to us, along with all of the laughter and moistened eyes we share in the course of an eveningís conversation. What do we want from you, the creator and sustainer of all life?  In a word, more: life and love and their celebration.  Let all who agree say Amen.

Friday night dinner at the Faculty Club

Reunions have served us well through the years.  Once early on we gathered to find out how our friends were making their way through life, and doing a little comparing in the process.  Once a bit later we gathered to rally round alma mater and make her a trifle more prosperous than when we arrived in 1949.  Once still later we gathered to salute the school that got us started on our careers fifty years earlier and, mostly, concluded it had been a good ride.  Now we gather for another salute to dear old Williams and to check in with those who began with us sixty four years ago, while remembering those who have taken their leave of these earthly scenes since last we reuned:   

Ed Hyman, George Cain, John Webb, Bob Unger, Tommy Dorsey, Robert Cocks, Monty Monteith, Stu Hulse, Don Mashbir, Alan Eddy, Soapy Symington, Seth Schapiro, Paul Clifford, Jeremy Gordon, Richard Antoun, Hugh Robinson, Mike Rayder, Don Marshall, Barry Luttge, Bob Ferguson, Boine Johnson, Bill Burrows, Hank Norwood, Dave Pierson, Allen Good, George Bryant, Oak Frost, Dick Salladin, Phil Ingwersen, John Judge, Bob Coulter, Dick Kaplan, Dave Byerly, Doug Reed, Don Wadsworth, James Livesey, Ken McGrew, Lew Kleinrock, Dave Decker, Harry Yeide, and Duke Chapman.

Enfold in your eternal mercy, God, these whom we have named and gratefully remember.  Hold in that same mercy we who remain and who in our time will follow where they have led.  Amen


Saturday night dinner at Stone Hill Center

For it all, sometimes beautiful, exquisitely, often perplexing, always puzzling, prone to hurt and sorrow, yet full for us of wonderful surprises... for it all, we give you our thanks, that in your wisdom and mercy you birthed this creation and call us to enjoy it, this life, with its countless turnings.  Mindful as we are (we especially) of how quickly it passes, or seems to, continue to stir up in our souls the need and the promise of sharing the fullness of our lives with others, coming generations to be sure, yet also these nearer to hand, old friends we have met along the way, with whom this evening hour we exchange our gentle hallelujahs for your invitation to and your blessings upon our lives.  Let those who are of a mind to say so, say, "Amen."




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