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Purple Prayers III

Purple Prayers III - October 2 and 3, 2010

God, the one from whom we come and to whom we shall return, a certainty born upon us more surely day by day, we pause again in mid-journey to offer thanks, thanks for many things, but thanks this night for one very special connection, to Williams and to each other.  In your kind, vast, and imponderable providence we find ourselves here, privileged, prosperous (some a little and some a lot), reasonably healthy, still able to enjoy life and take from the day the pleasures it affords, and at eighty or nearly that, it’s no small achievement, accomplished by your favor and mercy.  Hear, then, the conversations and laughter we share, the camaraderie of the table, as our prayers to you for being so good to us. And the Class of 1953 and its friends will say “Amen.”



God, beyond all seeing, beyond all knowing, yet more intimate with our souls than we are to ourselves, we thank you for the hints around us in this season that behind it all, the vast and busy universe, beats a heart full of compassion for us and everyone else: the bright leaves of autumn, the warmth of friendly greetings, the bar and table filled with good things.  Our cup of blessing is full to overflowing.  Make, we pray, our gratitude a happy contagion, that we may spend the time left to us sharing our wherewithal freely and gladly, and taking from each moment its resident joy… and, perhaps, if only perhaps, learning more of you and your generous ways with us in these scenes and whatever lies beyond; in your blessed name.  Amen.






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