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Purple Prayers II

Purple Prayers II

(See Purple Prayers I for the earlier edition)


Class of '53 Mini-Reunion: Table Grace at the Taconic Golf Club Friday, October 8th, 2009

    God of today, who links all of our yesterdays in a chain of memories, some of them wonderful and some not, we join our minds and hearts for a moment or two to express our thanks to you, for a whole host of things, beginning with the gift of life itself, which we, each of us, has received in full bounty, strength of mind, strength of body, enough of the world’s plenty, and probably far more, to make it through nigh unto eighty years with a smile on our faces, music in our ears, and change in our pockets.  You have been good to us, very good to the Class of 1953.  We would be poor beggars of the spirit to think you owed us more, or to count our sorrows instead of our blessings.  We ask only that you continue to open before us a future where we can find usefulness, friendships, moments of celebration, and all of the other pleasant circumstances which have attended us through the years.  By your presence moving among us and within us, make of this evening hour more than a joyous echo of other happy evenings in this purple valley; make of it an anticipation of the feast of life toward which we are all tending.  In your great and blessed name we ask it.  Amen.


 Class of '53 Mini-Reunion: Table Grace offered at the Academic Center, Saturday, October 9th, 2009

     God of sunlit days sometimes darkened with clouds and rain, thank you for them all, and thank you that we should live and breathe to enjoy them all, the more so with friends of old newly reaffirmed.  At this twilight of another good day, hear, we pray, our laughter, our co0nversations, and the memories they celebrate, as our prayers and praise to you, the maker, the blesser, and the giver of all good gifts.  Amen.


 Class of '53 Mini-Reunion: Table Grace prepared for (but never offered, the note on which it was written having been misplaced) dinner at the Academic Center, Saturday, October 9th, 2009

    God of our fathers (and mothers), God of our children and their children and their children, who leads us unseen generation to generation, providing us with fascinating vistas along the way, and the strength of mind and body to make the most of them, we praise and thank you for the privilege of life and the added privilege of spending it with people we love and enjoy, including this evening’s company, friends of years and years.  As we lift the glass and share the happy conversation hear, please, the sounds of our gladness as gratitude for your providence in which we have been blessed again and again, more than we imagined when the world was young and we were too. Cheers to you and to each other.  Amen.


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