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Invocations and Table Graces for the Class of 1953 Mini

Invocations and Table Graces for the Class of 1953 Mini-Reunion Weekend of October 15 - 17 in Williamstown


God of good days and those not so good, whose mercy shines with the sun and nourishes with the rain, God beyond our every calculation of you, every certainty, every denial, the ground of our being, we pause in this evening hour to wonder at how privileged we are, this band of brothers and their helpmates.  You have never failed to open the way before us, setting us on either side with good things, lively adventures, unexpected prosperity, kind friends, loving families, a treasure of memories, and still more memories to make.  As open as your hand has been toward us, grant us the same generosity of spirit toward others, with our wealth, of course, but also with our thoughts, that we may prove the wisdom of your mercy to us in the quality of the communities we help to create, beginning with this circle, these classmates, these dear friends of many, many years, yet extending across this land and this wide world.  So we ask you to bless the meal, the evening hour, the joy, the hope, the mercy, yours, the thanksgiving, ours, which rise so grandly tonight in the purpled valley.  In your great and good name, we pray.  Amen.



   God of our celebrations, who said at the end of each day of creation, “Let the good times roll,” we gather this evening to do our share in that grand enterprise of joy. In our feasting and our toasting, our personal conversations and public pronouncements, amid the jokes and gentle teasing, fill us with a sure sense of just how lucky we are, or, better said, blessed by your providence.  Life, the life you give, flows through us strong and true.  Love, around us and within us, has been our portion.  Our friendships have multiplied, many of them through the good offices of the school that occasioned our meeting. We shall not ask you why this favor; it is enough to know it and celebrate it and be glad in it.  And to share it.  Now with the food set before us, the drinks near at hand, the kind faces of dear friends all around us, we take up your benediction, to let the good times roll... tonight.  Amen.

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