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Prayer: When a Friend Receives Bad News

    God, more than anything else, first and foremost, and the only thing I really want in this moment, is for you to let the sunshine of your grace take away the shadows that stalk my friend.  Take with those shadows, I pray, the regrets about what could have been and the fears about what is yet to come.  Flood our minds and souls with the certainty of your overflowing goodness.  In everything.  When you seem to us to be smiling and when you seem to have turned away.  Help my friend to bear the pain, the hurt, the endless wondering about why.  Keep me from asking needless questions.  Give me the wisdom to listen without feeling the necessity of speaking; and the wisdom to speak the right word when listening isn't enough.  But, please, God, fix our thoughts, my friend's and mine, on the promise of a final resolution to all of this earthly struggling and sorrow.  Hold us to the cross of Jesus. Assure us of his eternal triumph there over sin and death, everyone's and ours.  And make that triumph a part of our way through the days remaining to us, many or few as they may be.  That we may go into tomorrow, all of them, certain that, whatever the day brings of pain and uncertainty about this mortal life, we shall be assured of your love and grace to see it through, holding each other in our prayers and our arms, as we are held always in your mercy; through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.


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