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Prayer for Those Who Don

Prayer for Those Who Don't See Things My Way

    God and good parent of us all, who looks with favor on everyone of your children, keep me from thinking otherwise and, worse, acting on it.  When I want, sometimes passionately, for you to vindicate me and show the world that I have it right, that those who see it otherwise are not just going away from me but from you: then, God of patience and mercy, give me pause. Give me pause... to consider how nearsighted I can be when you can see for ever.  Give me pause... to measure the meaner reasons I do what I do, especially when I am so quick to condemn the motives of others.  Give me pause... to remember just how much you and others close to me have had to put up with me.  Give me pause... to count the times I have gone down the wrong road and the last thing I wanted to do was to admit it. 

    But, more, God of everyone, give me patience and trust and humility and courage and kindness.  Patience to wait, for the truth to emerge, be it mine or the other person's.  Trust to hold on, until you deliver the new day according to your gracious design. Humility and courage to alter my course and admit the error of my way, when it diverges from yours. And kindness to offer those who have opposed and sometimes ridiculed me. 

    Help me, please, God, for I am so often thickheaded and unbending.  I do not ask for special favor, though sometimes I make it sound that way.  Give me what I need, not what I want; that I may yet become the kind of person I like to be with. In the name of the one who blessed the gentle of spirit and merciful, who for all his righteousness was ever approachable, Jesus, through whose gracious life and death your treasures of the spirit have been bequeathed to the world.  Amen. 

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