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My Junior Highs

    In response to the recent posting Four Weddings and a Funeral... Plus a Baptism, a reader wrote: "Wow - you have had a busy summer - and it's got to be heartwarming to know that the people in your past have not forgotten you but even want you to preside over the important current events in their lives."  To which I replied: "Exactly.  They are keeping me alive."

    Well, I may be exaggerating a tiny bit.  My dear wife and family, who like their Aaron to my Moses in the battlefields of life, keep Mo's arms upright when he is tired so that he might prevail.  They have been the principal agents of my survival. Still, the Junior Highs' occasional reminders that my time here may have been useful, even appreciated, is as effective as my doctor's prescriptions in keeping blood pressure under control.   

    Recently one of those Junior Highs sent me a photo of her and a pal in youth fellowship high jinx, with their children, one of whom is older now than they were when I shepherded them around Greater New York and flatter Long Island. Grace (Gracie) Gillman Iadanza and Eileen Frank Swiderski belonged to that generation of junior highs who filled to overflowing the church's Education Building every Sunday afternoon; that is, when we were not living up to our motto, "Join the Junior Highs and See the World."  Gracie and Eileen were charmers even when their mischief, accompanied by big smiles, drove me to distraction.  In the twenty-five years which have passed since their time with me they have left the hometown, one to Suffolk County, the other to the US Air Force and California.  Here they are in all their present splendor, surrounded by their children.

    Saturday, September 20th, another Junior High will be giving the old pastor new purpose.  I shall preside at her wedding to Camilo Schrader along the shore of Candlewood Lake, New Fairfield CT.   Of course there will be more photos to follow, with a report on Linda and Camilo's marriage service and reception.

   You, dear Junior High, Grace Church 1973-2002, are invited to send your photo for posting here.  


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