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The Williams Class of 1953 Mini

The Williams Class of 1953 Mini-Reunion in Williamston, October 15 - 17

    My, we do love one another's company!  When asked to describe the Class of 1953, I usually lead into it by saying: "We may not be the class with the most Nobel Prize winners.  We may not have been world-shakers.  But we certainly are the most congenial class."  In fact, there were a couple of times this weekend when I, the designated prayer-er, thought for a moment or two I was in the company of a lively Pentecostal congregation, so enthusiastic were the "Amen's" which greeted the conclusions of my table graces.

    Herewith is my photographic record of who was there.  I regretfully note that, despite my attempt to be fair and balanced in taking pictures, I have here omitted several who were present: Granthia Preston, Tim Robinson, Walter Flaherty, Peter and Susan Connolly (who so excelled as our hosts for the weekend) and, obviously, Bob Howard.  Actually, the original photos did contain all of the above, except RWH, but they were a trifle too candid, catching blinked eyes, open mouths, and chewing jaws. 

    Events other than eating also took place.  We watched the Purple and Gold footballers barely best the blue and white from Middlebury 17 to 16.  We were entertained at the Saturday evening dinner by the Ephlats, one of whose singers is Micah, who with Alice and Sheila guided us through our 50th Anniversary paces at the Saint House.  We reverted to form on Sunday morning and, several of us if not all of us, enjoyed a hearty brunch at the old Williams Inn, now Dodd House. 

    Peter Connolly has asked me to canvass the class to see if you would like to plan another weekend in Williamstown, say this coming spring, sometime in mid to late April.  I'll send you Email in a week or two, soliciting a return as to your wishes on this matter.

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