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Class of 1953 Mini-Reunion, October 9 -10, 2015

Those who design events for alumni at Williams have designated what is now a mini-reunion weekend "The Greylocks." (I can imagine the brainstorming in the Alumni Relations Office, that when this name popped up in conversation the bright soul who dreamed it up was grandly applauded for the perfect double entendre for graduates of a school that prizes intelligence spiced with wit).  Thirty of us with grey locks, dined, cheered, conversed, did the cocktail party thing, passed along the latest news about classmates, and generally had one dandy time of it in old haunts.

Here's a list of those present for most if not all of the proceedings: John Allan, John and Sandy Beard, Dave Doheny, John Dighton and Barbara Heistand, Pete Fetterolf, Joy and Walter Flaherty, Carol and Dan Fitch, Barbara and Bob Howard, Derry and Tess Kruse, Happy and Todd Mauck, Jack and Mary Merselis, Anne and Charlie Mott, Art and Judy Murray, Kathleen Piaggesi, Granthia Preston, Joanne and Mac Sims, Nancy and Pete Sterling, Barbara Weedon, and Bill and Linda Williams.  Planning to attend and canceling due to one or another of the vagaries which insult octogenarians: Bob and Gretchen Morrison, Jim and Sharon Tompkins, Maren and Tim Robinson, and Bob Sillcox and Sheila Thomson.  Other classes dining in our vicinity remarked on how lively and numerous we were.

I put together through the good offices of Photoshop the following montage.  The lead photo, of the class banner at the game, was sent to me by Dave Doheny.  I have appended no legends identifying who's who; you are on your own, but by now you should be well-acquainted with the classmates shown here.  If not, Email me at, and I'll try to clue you in.

President Dighton reported from his involvement with the college's committee envisioning the future, that it's full speed ahead on the goal to reach three billion dollars in endowment.  I did note in passing the spacious lawn where Sawyer Library (and before it, my Sig House) once stood, where students now were playing ultimate frisbee.

The game, ah the game: I spent the first half gabbing with a couple of '54ers.  What I noted during the pauses in conversation then and from the second half full-on concentration was a struggle between two young teams who didn't particularly like each other, resorting often to behavior resulting in penalties of the "unnecessary roughness" variety. Apparently the NCAA has modified its rules to accommodate the loud complaints about injuries in college athletics; but I never did quite understand what the new rules are or how they were applied as Williams outlasted Bates 16 -14. Even Pete Sterling couldn't enlighten me.

On our visit to Weston Field, we will be able, as we were this year and didn't know it, tailgate inside the field near the stands.  My stenotic back rejoices.  

Oh yes, next year - mark your calendar! - for the mini-reunion, the same weekend as this year, only with a leap year between, October 7 and 8. Todd has already reserved the Williams Inn for a dinner.  He is also arranging for reservations for our 65th Reunion in June 2018, for dinners at The Clark Stone Hill terrace and the Faculty House.  So eat your spinach, do your exercises, and get your annual check-up.

A final and probably unnecessary note: one of my less happy observations about our gatherings; namely frailty, mostly my own. Like my quick exchange with Mac Sims which began with my calculation that he weighed less now than when a lineman for Williams football.  He noted that the loss of weight might be healthier but the reason why was concerning, loss of muscle mass.  I nodded in agreement since I too with withered biceps weigh a dozen pounds less than when we were graduated from Williams.

Then there was the moment I struggled to twist open the cap to a bottle of beer and Pete Fetterolf did it for the former shot-putter, much to Pete's amusement and my chagrin.

Or the no-shows listed above, due to medical issues like A-Fib (my cardiologist's diagnosis of me... and probably half of all men over 80), rheumatoid arthritis (my arthritis, like yours, is mostly osteo), vascular blockages, and sadly, very sadly, the passing of Bob Sillcox's partner, Sheila Thomson: ah well, as the hymn puts it, time bears all her sons (and daughters) away.

This having been said, we remain a cheerful lot, enjoying immensely each other's company, vowing to be there again next time.


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