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The Wedding of

The Wedding of

Jeffrey Stuart McGregor and Mary Rose Dymond

    Jeffrey McGregor and Mary Rose Dymond were united in marriage Saturday early afternoon, April 12th, 2003 at St. Peter's Church (Roman Catholic) in Liberty, New York.  The day arrived with a wonderful brightness after a long, cold winter and a damp, dreary spring.  Originally planned for last summer, the wedding was rescheduled due to the untimely death of Mary Rose's father last spring.  The Dymond family's pastor, Monsignor Edward Straub officiated.  Jeff's pastor, Bob Howard, who had baptized and confirmed Jeff, participated in the service.  The Maid of Honor was Mary Rose's sister, Ellie.  The Best Man was Jeff's cousin, Rob Perissi. 

Msgr Staub urged the bridal couple, in the words of Jesus' parable, to find God's hidden treasure of love in their life together. Mary Rose's lifelong friend and colleague in musical education, Regina Hartman, sang "The Wedding Song."  Jeff's aunt, Patricia Mazza, and Mary Rose's aunt, Doreen Williams, read from the Bible.  A bagpiper (of course, of course!) played on the steps of the church following the service, in keeping with Jeff's pride in his Scottish heritage.  Schubert's "Ave Maria" was the opening prelude, in keeping with the bride's Italian and Irish heritage. 

Pastor Howard slipped into an envelope the following message in celebration of the marriage:

“Making Beautiful Music Together”

            The fact is that, though I have been Jeff’s pastor for most of his life, I’ve seen Mary Rose more often in these recent months than I’ve had the pleasure of the groom’s company.  Music, glorious symphonic music, with Mary Rose playing the bassoon in the back row, has been the occasion.  Jeff, always the conscientious student, could not be there playing the trombone because he had to hit the books in order to maintain his A+ average at Law School at Quinnipiac.

            So, Mary Rose and Jeff, let me sound a musical metaphor for your life together: that our prayer for you this afternoon is that in the days ahead you may continue to make beautiful music together. 

            That harmony can be achieved when you follow the directions to Carnegie Hall: practice, practice, practice.  Practice, that is, the notes on that page of the melody of Christian love from I Corinthians 13, your chosen New Testament reading for your marriage service.  It’s a sweet yet sturdy melody, about love, not just any kind of love, but the love resplendent in the life and death of Jesus, a self-giving love, a forbearing love, a love that will go anywhere and do whatever is needed for the sake of the beloved, that kind of love, from the depths of the heart through every pore of the body.  Practice it together… for the next fifty years, at least.

            But, as with any great modern musical composition, expect some dissonance, a little and sometimes a lot of clashing of wills, a silence too long, a word better not spoken, those kind of sour notes.  Hold on then to each other until the dissonance is resolved, as it will be, by God, always.

            And we can hope, you can hope, that in due time there will be some other music-makers to turn your duet into a trio and quartet, etc…. orchestra?  I know well one of the homes from whence you came.  I know how the love of parents and siblings was multiplied and spilled out on to the world around.  I know too of your deep loyalty and love for your family, Mary Rose, especially have I learned of it through that very sad experience this past year when your Dad took too soon a departure from this earthly life.  Your bereavement spoke clearly and eloquently of the affection and respect you and your family share.  That’s one of the best reasons for marriage, to multiply the love of God by sharing it with the generation yet to come.

            Every grand symphony concludes on a high note.  When you make beautiful music together, you are not only making your own life and the lives of those around you joyful, you are, as an earlier ritual celebrates, setting the tone for your life yet to come.  I quote that concluding benediction from the past: that you may so live together in this life, that in the world to come you may have everlasting life.

            Making beautiful music here is the prelude to making beautiful music forever.  God bless you Mary Rose and Jeff.  Everyone of us present this afternoon blesses you too in Christ’s name.

Jeff graduated from the University of Connecticut where he was aiming for a career in bio-technology.  He has been working as a computer technician in Central Connecticut; and is presently enrolled in the Quinnipiac Law School, looking toward a career in the legal profession in the field of intellectual properties (his computer expertise and the Internet's myriad of interesting issues of copyright, etc.).  Mary Rose is a graduate of the Hartt School of Music of The University of Hartford.  She presently teaches instrumental music in an elementary school in Greenwich CT.  The McGregors reside in Shelton CT.

The wedding reception was held in a firehouse in Neversink, a few miles up the mountain from Liberty.  The reception hall belies the description of firehouse, a spacious, modern facility every bit and more the equal to the banquet halls so much in vogue for weddings in metropolitan New York.  The dance floor was filled with celebrants doing every dance known to the modern world, including the twist.  Toasts were lifted, good conversation abounded, an abundance of food was consumed, along with sufficient quantities of potables.  Even a prayer was offered:

    Great and merciful God, good and loving God, who delights in the joy of your children, and who delights the more when your children are united in love, grace this moment and these happy people, all of us, but Mary Rose and Jeff especially, that as they now officially begin their life together, they may be assured of your love and protection and ours. Hold them in the hollow of your hand. Make blessings flow in their direction. Reward their faithfulness and diligence with larger and yet more giving lives. Enable them in faith to make day follow day in their lives together with accomplishments and satisfactions. Take this prayer as our pledge of support and encouragement to them through all of the changing scenes of this mortal life. Be present among us, God, in this time of celebration, feasting and singing, toasting and happy conversations, that the goodness and the gladness of this moment may know itself surrounded by your eternity, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

    Around ten o'clock the guests and the bridal couple took their leave.  A very happy day blessed the beginning of a loving and well-loved couple.




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