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Update February 18

Update February 18, 2010

    The blizzard of 2010 established records for snowfall in the mid-Atlantic states, including Cockeysville, Maryland, where resides a branch of the Howard family.  Our daughter Gwen Mahoney, and her sons Jack and Ben, were confined to home for several days by reason of snow piled high along the driveway and the local roads.  Schools were closed, cars were prohibited in Baltimore, and Emails flew back and forth from West Hartford. Here are three photos of the white-out in Maryland. Gwen's pantry was full; the freezer too.  So the Mahoneys confined themselves to the nest until the snow melted and the plow arrived.  The biggest issue was the little dog, Teddy, and where he would be able to attend to his necessities. 

    Saturday, February 13th at 12:30 PM Barbara and I met for lunch with a couple from our Brooklyn days, people last seen forty years ago when their daughter was baptized at Christ United Methodist Church.  Lt. Colonel Leslie Wiger (Ret.) and wife Chesley have been making frequent trips to Providence RI where their granddaughter, Amber Yung,  a junior, plays defense on the Friars' Division 1 hockey team.  The Wigers and the Howards rendezvoused in Storrs CT, home of the University of Connecticut, on an afternoon when Amber would be competing against the women Huskie hockey team.  It was a home and home two day series (they split: the Friars won in Providence; the Huskies won at Storrs).  We reminisced at Friendly's over chowder and salad, the way old men do... in the company of much younger women!  The Wigers now live in Georgia near Atlanta, and are occasionally in touch with other Brooklyn emigrants Jackie Hansen and Harold Johnson.  Since Amber has another year to play and since the Wigers sometimes fly Delta into Bradley airport, we may plan another get-together next hockey season.


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