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House and Gardens, West Hartford Edition

    On a dark and rainy day, in need of some brighter thoughts, I compiled the following pictorial tour of our house and gardens, 75 Fox Chase Lane, West Hartford CT.  Perusing the photos you can catch a glimpse of Barbara's gardens and Bobby's lawn.  Had you more time and interest, I could regale you with my sad story of a Toro mower failure leading to a letter to the Attorney General of the State of Connecticut, related, you guessed, to the aforementioned Bobby's lawn.  But let's keep it upbeat for now.  As you do, think of us sitting on our front porch in late afternoon drinking in the lushness of Central Connecticut in late spring, even as we obey the exhortation in I Timothy 5:23, drinking something else, with a twenty-five pound bichon friese in my lap and cheddar on our plates. 



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