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Henry and Robert

Henry and Robert's Really Great Adventure

    The day before Bugbee School closed down for the summer vacation, grandsons Robert and Henry bused with their classmates to Agawam, Massachusetts, Six Flags New England theme park.  They went with a hint of worry about the rides, whether they would be able to loop the loop without barfing (their word); but they returned with a chattering excitement about the day's adventures, how high and fast the ride, how many times they went upside down, and, best of all, how they didn't barf at all.

    Herewith are pictures and eyewitness accounts of the rides.

    Henry's favorite ride is the Mind Eraser, not that eleven year olds need any encouragement to blank their brains.  Henry, Will, and Paul in a locked in chair with a neck holster, feet dangling, braved the bumps and loops.  Fortunately, they had no change in their pockets, or spectators below would have found pennies from heaven and welts on their backs.  The ride is on hundred feet high.  The cars travel at 65 miles per hour.  Henry insists that he didn't scream.  But then he barely opened his eyes and may have been too scared to scream.

    Robert's favorite ride was the Cyclone rollercoaster.  It is built of wood and may be modeled after the famous Cyclone at Coney Island.  The high point is one hundred twenty-five feet above ground level; the speed reaches a mile a minute and travels three-quarters of a mile.  Robert reports that his friend, Rachel D., who sampled the Superman, the Ride of Steel, supposedly the scariest ride in the park, said that the drops on the Cyclone are like the drops on Superman.  Robert insists that his eyes were wide open, but he kept his hands glued to the bar holding him in the car.  His friend, Mike Conway, screamed, but Robert claims he didn't. 

    Porky Pig, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and Foghorn Leghorn could be found in the park.  They danced for early entrants and they hugged anyone who came near. 

    Robert won a cow, not a real one... a stuffed one.  He shot a water pistol into a hole with a small target behind it.  Each time the target is hit, a small stuffed animal on a wire reaching to the ceiling advances.  Henry came in second.   There were two players. 

    It was a great day, a wonderful year, new friends, lots of fun, plenty of learning (thanks to Messrs. Oberhammer and Spurrier), baseball, video games, visits with cousins... all that good stuff that makes a couple of Long Island clamdiggers happy to be among the Pilgrims of Hartford.




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