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For Dave Snow

For Dave Snow

    We spent the last weekend (June 9-11) at Williams College.  No, it wasn't a reunion year for me.  But the Class of 1955 and 1950 contain friends and acquaintances, most of whom had not been seen in fifty-two years.  Living as we now do just two hours from Billville, I take almost every opportunity that comes along to visit the purple valley. This torrid weekend was one of those opportunities. 

    A day or three before leaving I fielded an Email from Dave Snow, Williams 1956.  He can be seen in the photo of Sigma Phi fraternity in my college year book, to the left in the front row.  Dave and I reconnected in Cortona, Tuscany, on a Williams alumni travel program.  I offered Dave in response to his Email to send him some digital shots of Sigs of yore. They can be seen in the photos which follow.

    At Williams in the present moment the fraternity past is regarded by many as an embarrassment.  Certainly, the downside of the Greeks was evident to me in 1949... for reasons there's no need to bore you with.  But, in retrospect, considering the concerns voiced a few times this past weekend by undergrads and administrative personnel, about the need to establish circles of community, where, for instance, seniors and freshmen (think Bob Howard and Dave Snow) might mingle and get to know one another, maybe fraternities did have their usefulness.

    So here you are Dave, a few of the illustrious members of the Class of 1955 who also happen to have been members of "dear old Sigma Phi."


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