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Sequel to the Marriage of Allison Starr and Joseph Esposito

Sequel to the Marriage of Allison Starr and Joseph Esposito: Donald Joseph Esposito

    March 12th and 13th's editions of Newsday featured a report on a young policeman's first emergency delivery of a baby who wouldn't wait for the ambulance and the hospital.  The mother of that newborn alerted me to the article, and sent me the photos included in this report.  I sought permission to reprint the article verbatim, but the paper has yet to respond to my Emailed request.  If you want to read it as an Email attachment, let me know.  Here's the gist of it. 

    Allison and Joe Esposito were anticipating the birth of their first child on March 12th.  That's what the doctor told them and that's what mom told me.  Evidently the baby overheard the plans and, being a considerate soul, chose not to disappoint his parents.  Allison visited the obstetrician's office in the early afternoon.  Mom was told to go home and wait until the contractions came more frequently.  Against her own better judgment she did as she was told.  No sooner did she walk in the door of her home in North Babylon than son Donald Joseph decided to make his entrance into the world.  911 was called. First Precinct Nassau County policemen, John Hughes and Paul Vasile-Cozzo, arrived.  Officers and Dad (and Mom, of course) delivered the 6 lb. 4 oz punctual infant in the bedroom of the Esposito home.

    I had the privilege of presiding at Joe and Allison's wedding in Oceanside in October 2004 (check out the report at Wedding). Allison will be known to Valley Stream readers as the daughter of Mary and the late Donald Starr, who for many years worked at the local Post Office.  That is, newborn Donald Joseph Esposito is named after this grandfather and his father.  Valley Stream readers will also remember Donald's great-grandfather, Lonnie Starr, DJ on WHLI.

    A baptism is planned for mid-May in the Babylon United Methodist Church.  If ecclesiastical protocol permits, the pastor who officiated at Mom and Dad's wedding may have a hand in christening Donald Joseph.

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