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Cow Parade II

Cow Parade II

    We threw a party in our garage for a cow the other night. Lots of mooing and aahing. Plenty of food and drink, but only enough milk for the coffee.  Our bovine guest of honor had been with us for the better part of two months, and now it was almost time for her to leave the stall, usually occupied by a Taurus (!), and make her way to the bright lights and fame of West Hartford's next upcoming Cow Parade.

    She will be displayed in all of her glory from mid-September to January on, we think, the front lawn of the Town Hall. Be sure to pay her a visit, tell her how beautiful she is, and, when the auction is held, give Citizens Bank a run for their money.

    Artist Betsy Carnes months ago entered a design contest for the upcoming Cow Parade.  Hers was one of several designs chosen.  Citizens Bank picked up her option and will pay her a commission, sufficient, if not overwhelming, to cover expenses.  Although similar events have been held around the country and, we hear, around the world, Cow Parade, the business, maintains its  home office in our home town.  It is only fitting, then, that a second parade in less than five years should grace the pastures of Hartford's first suburb.



    Betsy, of course, has had prior experience with plastic bovines in need of decoration.  She assisted son Henry in the production of Cowstellation, a Mini-Cow under the auspices of King Philip Middle School.

   Editor-reporter Tracey Weiss ofConnecticut Life paid a visit to the garage, took notes, and apparently will feature Betsy and her cow in a forthcoming issue of West Hartford Life. But that article, alas, will not have the advantage of the several photos included here. 

    It's now official: the cow's name is Moo-La.


The Journey Continue

Moo-La left the safety of her stall this morning (09/04/07) after nearly three months of beautification.  She will have a week's respite in Bloomfield CT before returning to West Hartford where she and 75 other cows will graze on the greens in West Hartford center, where Farmington Avenue and Main Street cross.


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