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A Couple of Prayers before the Feasting

A Couple of Prayers before the Feasting, Class of 1953 Mini-Reunion, October 2005


God of our good times, quick, to be sure, to come to our rescue when things aren=t so good and we reach out for help, still now, in a good time, we pause at the beginning of another happy occasion, when the conversation is lively, the company friendly, and the food enticing, to remember again just how lucky we are: to be alive, to have a full measure of health and prosperity; to have strong, glad memories of this place through all of the fifty-six years since we first sat in class; and, along the way, to have formed these friendships with classmates and their wives.  Were we to ask why, why the favor visited on us, we could find no reasonable explanation; it is enough to relish the good fortune, to enjoy it and share it, with you and each other this good evening.  Thank you.  Thank you. Amen.


    God, within and beyond the mystery that life often is, who holds things together even when we cannot and do not, though our questions are many, our certainties, though few, are like a cup of cool water overflowing.  We know we are privileged.  We know we really don=t deserve it.  We know that love surrounds us, in our families and in these friends.  We know, in short, that we have an awful lot for which to be thankful.  And so we do, thank you, the grand architect of everything that is, in whose design we have been granted a special place.  Grant us, we pray, the humility and the generosity of heart to use our privilege for others, to enable the goodness to abound.  Bless this gathering, this fellowship, this food, these precious moments; and may your name, God of many names, be blessed throughout the earth.  Amen.

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