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Robert and Henry Carnes

Robert and Henry Carnes' Confirmation

    FYEO, family members, Gwen especially, who asked for it, herewith is a photographic record of this day's proceedings, Sunday, June 4, 2006, Pentecost, and, at Asylum Hill Congregational Church, confirmation for twenty-eight young men and women, including two of special import to me, Henry and Robert Carnes, grandsons and constant companions in our home in West Hartford CT.

    The day began amid mild anxiety.  Barbara worried about the dinner menu and getting to the church on time.  Betsy worried about her sons' sartorial elegance.  Tappy worried about where her next snack was coming from.  Daughter Kate in Shrewsbury MA worried about the rain. 

    But time marched on anyway.  The dinner was prepared.  The twins looked splendid in Pa's ties.  Tappy got much more than she needed in the snack department.  The rain never came.

    Uncle Don and Aunt Carol did.  Likewise Uncle Steve and Alanna.  Henry and Robert were confirmed, got Bibles, and sufficient cash to encourage fantasies of much-wanted, if not needed, electronics. 

    No sooner was the benediction pronounced at the confirmation service but trumpeter Henry and saxophonist Robert hightailed it with their Mom to the Celebrate West Hartford do, the parking lot, in time for a 12:30 performance by the King Philip Middle School Jazz Band.  Relatives arrived in time to occupy most of the seats second row left. 

    Dinner followed, a repast the celebratory confirmands bypassed.  They went to a pool party at a confirmand friend's house.  When they returned in the early evening, homework was resumed, allowing for a couple of pauses, one of them to feast on the ice cream cake Mom bought just for the occasion.  Tappy got to lick a creamy plate while begging on her hind legs.

    Quite a day.






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