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Class of 1953 News

Class of 1953 News

   Early in April Granthia Preston sent me a couple of pictures of the newly installed Speaker of the House of the legislature of Vermont.  She is Soapy and Bailey Symington's daughter, and is the first woman to hold that office in the Green Mountain State.  Here are the pictures: the first with mom, dad, and daughter; the other with Soapy lurking in the background behind daughter, Gaye, and her children.

    A few days after Granthia's Email about the Symingtons, I received a request for a celebratory letter for Fred's 75th birthday, on April 20th.  Congratulations to Fred and to the other "older" members of the class in  line for diamonds.  Most of us will soon be achieving that milestone.  If you are in that category and your family is planning a surprise party for you, let me know (!) and I'll be happy to send a long a prayer or a toast.

    On a sad note, Hank Norwood forwarded to me the following notice about the death of classmate Allan Casson:

    Here is the picture of Allan from 1953, the photo in the yearbook:



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