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Williams College Class of 1953 Mini-Reunion, October 21-23, 2005

    The "Most Congenial" Class of 1953 gathered for the first event of its fall mini-reunion in The Log on Spring Street, Williamstown MA, for cocktails (6:00 PM) and dinner (7:00 PM).  Host and organizer, Peter Connolly presided.  

    By special arrangement via a California classmate, we were treated to songs by Euphoria, a Williams singing group, who, after delighting us with songs from their repertoire, led us in singing "The Mountains" and "'Neath the Shadow of the Hills."


    As befits septuagenarians (this may help to explain why we are still able to reune), the dinner concluded and we made our way to our respective lodgings a little after the bewitching hour of 9:30 PM, but not before we were regaled with two jokes, a moving presidential sermon on loving one another, a report on 1953's involvement in the Ephraim Williams memorial at Lake George, a reminder from our cultural advisor about the January 28th gathering in New York City, and an advisory from Peter Connolly on the need to replenish the funds of the class treasury.

    Those attending this mini-reunion were: John Allan, Dudley and Gerry Baker, Peter and Susan Connolly, John and Joan Dighton, Pete and Lucy Fetterolf, Don and Connie Goldstein, George and Marianne Hartnett, Bob and Barbara Howard, Phil and Jean Ingwersen, Boine and Kathleen Johnson, Steve and Joanne Klein, Derry and Tess Kruse, Mike and Jeanne Lazor, Fritz Liss and Pat Fishbough, Todd and Happy Mauck, Bob and Gretchen Morrison, Charlie and Anne Mott, Hank and Peggy Norwood, Bob and Liz Ouchterloney, Tim and Maren Robinson, Seth and Jill Schapiro, Hank and Sally Schreier, Pete Sterling, and Barbara Weedon.

    Saturday morning several members of the class attended a symposium in the Brooks-Rogers Recital Hall, led by Chaplain Rick Spaulding.  The panel was composed of students from the whole spectrum of religious affiliation, explaining their efforts to reconcile the Williams experience with their traditions. 

    The drizzle of the day persuaded us to seek refuge at the football game beneath the roofed stands on the visitors' side of the football field.  It wasn't so much cold as it was dank.  But a Williams offense featuring a terrific passing game swamped Tufts 37-13, and considerably lessened our perturbation with the dank.  Some of our class family, it was reliably reported, chose the Clark Art Institute and the Berkshire Mall over the purple legion on Weston Field. 




    Following the game we took a tour of the new Center for Theatre and Dance.

    Which tour included the revamped AMT:

    Peg Norwood has promised to send photos of the events of Saturday night at the McGills, where Pete Connolly and Bob Howard found a balcony perch from whence to speak and pray.  Talk about "bully pulpits"!  Here are some of Peg Norwood's photos of that event, plus one of the morning after.

    As if usually the case, conversations over cocktails and dinners, provided personal information you will be interested to read.  The following items were gleaned during our two days together:

  1. John Allan is on a waiting list for a senior residence apartment in Williamstown.
  2. Art Murray will be married January 28th to Judy Conway, which merger will prevent him from his traditional stint at the Williams Club Alumni Fund Telethon.
  3. Tim and Maren Robinson have recently returned from Ightham Mote, a Robinson family connection, where the class enjoyed champagne on the lawn and a feast in the keep during our stay in Oxford in 2002.
  4. Tom and Mary Belshe, who at the last minute could not make the mini-reunion, will be going to Williams for a Friday, November 4th, Glee Club concert at which daughter Katie will be directing part of the program.
  5. Don Goldstein continues to operate (literally) twice a week in a Boston hospital, four surgeries each day.
  6. Jack Brennan ('54) is now the president of Green Mountain College in Poultney VT, a school with which I am familiar, because of its Methodist connection.

See you soon online.



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