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Class of 1953 Mid-winter Mini-reunion, February 3, 2007

    "A bunch of the boys were whooping it up at the Malamute Saloon," begins the Robert Service epic of the Yukon gold rush, a poem oft-recited, for those of us cheek-by-jowl to Stetson, by Paul Murphy.  From the laughter ascending on a cold February evening on Third Avenue NYC, it sounded like a bunch of the boys and girls were whooping it up at the Stella del Mare. See for yourself below.  Impresario Seth Schapiro once again arranged a very special Saturday for classmates and their significant others. 

    While a few labored at the Williams Club with telephones and reluctant donors in the class, most of us went to the Schoenfeld Theatre on 45th Street for "Chorus Line."  The simple story line - that dancers are human too - continues to be a touching one, reports this reviewer who last saw the show some twenty years ago.

    Following the show, some taxied and others walked to the Williams Club for the cocktail party on the sixth floor, a new and brighter venue than the bar in the bowels of the building. 

    Those who were to be seen at one or all four of the day's events were: John Beard, Timothy Beard, Dorothy Caulkins, Peter Connolly, Susan Connolly, Nancy D’Oench, Woody D’Oench, Lucy Fetterolf, Peter Fetterolf, Connie Goldstein, Don Goldstein, Barbara Howard, Bob Howard, Boine Johnson, Steve Kaufman, Happy Mauck, Todd Mauck, Anne Mott, Charlie Mott, Arthur Murray, Judy Murray, Hank Norwood, Peg Norwood, Liz Ouchterloney, Bob Ouchterloney, Kathleen Paigessi, Jill Robin, Marin Robinson, Tim Robinson, Seth Schapiro, Hank Schreier, Sally Schreier, Peter Sterling, Bruce VanDusen, Perkie VanDusen, and Barbara Weedon.

    Two who didn't make it, Joanne and Steve Klein, debriefed their four houseguests who did.  Steve underwent circulatory surgery on his left leg earlier in the week and, though as sharp as ever with his repartee, was hobbled by the remedial work on his femoral artery (something like that).  They, the houseguests, left their cars at Thornden Street, South Orange, and commuted to Manhattan. Upon returning to New Jersey all  six gathered in the Kleins' upper room for a report on the day's festivities and how it goes with mutual friends. 

    Be sure to reserve October 19-21 for the class' fall mini-reunion.  Peter Connolly has reserved Hobson's Choice restaurant for our Saturday night dinner.

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