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Class of 1953 Midwinter Mini

Class of 1953 Midwinter Mini-Reunion in New York City, February 4, 2006

    Seth did it again: got the best tickets for us for a sold-out performance, Saturday matinee, of the risque muppet show, about love in all its many-splendored and ribald manifestations.  We laughed and laughed and before we realized it the furry monsters took on a life of their own, and they were the ones who were really doing the talking and singing, not the actors who held them. 

    Thirty-eight were on hand, mostly for the show, but a good number of dutiful soldiers too, to man the phones at the Williams Club annual Alumni Fund Telethon: Tim Beard, Dorothy Caulkins and guest Eileen Sharron, Peter and Susan Connolly, Nancy and Woody D'Oench, Ron and Susan Dubin, Lucy and Pete Fetterolf, Connie and Don Goldstein, Barbara and Bob Howard and their daughter Gwen Mahoney, Boine Johnson and Kathleen Piaggesi, Marina and Steve Kaufman, Joanne and Steve Klein, Jeanne and Mike Lazor, Happy and Todd Mauck, Anne and Charlie Mott, Arthur and (bride) Judy Murray, Bob and Liz Ouchterloney, Hank and Peg Norwood, Jill and Seth Schapiro, Hank and Sally Schreier, and Pete Sterling.  Attesting to the presence of each are photos posted below.  The only elusive member of the class, the  classmate for whom I have only a wisp of hair in a corner of one shot, is Steve Klein.  

    Out of curiosity, and for the benefit of my dinner companion, I surveyed the class with an eye as to who continues to work beyond their diamond jubilee year.  The lawyers work on: Steve Kaufman, Bob Ouchterloney, and Seth Schapiro. Financial experts too: Ron Dubin, Charlie Mott and Arthur Murray.  Dr. Don Goldstein continues to operate.  Of course, none of the above have a bishop to tell them to go and get lost. 



    Following the Broadway show we gathered in the Williams Club Grill Room for cocktails and hors d'oeuvres... and a lot of catching up. 

    The next stop, by now a tradition, was the Stella Del Mare Restaurant on Lexington Avenue above 39th Street, in easy walking distance from the Club.  Connolly welcomed the gathering.  Howard prayed, shorter than usual, Schreier observed.  Mott thanked the four ministers (culture, finance, generosity, and religion) for helping to hold the class together.  We did some more catching up on the where, what, and who of retirements and late careers. 

    The Most Congenial Class of 1953 will next convene at the site where it all began, Williams College, the weekend of September 22-24, when the football team will play Bowdoin College, whose coach creates a divided loyalty for the Connollys, since said coach is their son-in-law, husband of their daughter Beth.  Plan to be there and make reservations soon.   


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