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Class of 1953

Class of 1953, Williams College, Fall Mini-Reunion, October 19-21, 2007

    Our class, it turns out, is not only the most congenial, it's also a trend-setter.  Our mini-reunion habits are now mimicked by many classes, evidenced by the multiplicity of numbered signs at the football game tailgate Saturday afternoon.

    We convened an evening earlier than most classes.  Friday at 7 PM we gathered for cocktails and dinner (ala Dutch) at Hobson's Choice on Water Street.  Those present were: John Allan, Dud Baker, Peter and Susan Connolly, Joan and John Dighton, Joy and Walter Flaherty, Connie and Don Goldstein, Barbara and Bob Howard, Boine Johnson and Kathleen Piaggesi, Derry and Tess Kruse, Jeanne and Mike Lazor, Happy and Todd Mauck, Bob and Daphne McGill, Jack and Mary Merselis, Art and Judy Murray, Bob and Liz Ouchterloney, Fred and Granthia Preston, Seth Schapiro and Jill Robin, Hank and Sally Schreier, Pete Sterling, Jim and Sharon Tompkins, and Bruce and Perkie Van Dusen. 

    In one or another of the photos below and above you will find each of these reuners, except, sad to say, Joan Dighton and Sharon Tompkins.  I hope to correct this deficiency by finding and posting photos from other cameras besides mine. Two reuners get their own cameo: the other photos just didn't provide a clear view of their beauty.

    Reunions don't just happen.  The planning, preparation, and presentation go to those who are willing, with the door always open to other minds and hands.  Accordingly, a "brain trust" convened Saturday morning in Room 401 atop the Hopkins Hall addition, to address the class' needs for the next five years: officers, the winter mini-reunion in NYC, and the 55th Anniversary Reunion in Williamstown next June. 

    The tailgate Saturday noon at Weston Field was provided courtesy of the class treasury.  Visiting with us were granddaughters of the Kleins (Rebecca Tyson '11), Howards (Jessica Mahoney '10), and Pete Sterling (1978 grad Amy Sterling Bratt's daughter, a prospective student for the class of '12).  The beat goes on!

    The Williams football team, having vanquished the previously undefeated Middlebury team a week earlier, faced another unbeaten team, the Tufts Jumbos.  The Purple Cows prevailed again, showing an offense that would make the New York Jets envious, routing the Elephants 34-13.  One of the touchdowns came via a "flea flicker" that ended with the receiver fifteen yards downfield from the nearest Tufts defender.  The Cardinals and the Lord Jeffs had better beware!

    At the conclusion of the game some of us meandered up Spring Street. 

    Four of us went to Mass at St. Patrick's. 

    All of us repaired to our digs to get our duds, the better to demonstrate our sartorial splendor despite our septuagenarian status when again we gathered, this time at the Taconic Golf Club at the end of Meacham Street, behind Weston Field. President John Dighton and Mini-Reunion Chair and Treasurer Peter Connolly announced the forthcoming reunions and made a pitch for contributions toward the treasury.  Applause of thanks were given for Peter and Susan Connolly's coordination of the planning, communicating, and presentation of the mini-reunion.  Bob Howard read a list of recent sad milestones and offered a prayer of thanksgiving, which you may access at  Class of 1953 Milestones.

    Sunday morning we agreed to meet once again, this time for breakfast at 9 at the Peresky Center.  Fortunately, only six of us showed up, two of us after 10.  The Center doesn't open on Sundays until 10 AM, which tells the perceptive observer something definitive about undergraduate sleep habits in this first decade of the second millennium.




    Save the following dates:

        Mid-Winter Mini-Reunion - Saturday, February 2, New York City, Alumni Fund Telethon, Broadway Show, Dinner

        55th Anniversary Reunion - Thursday, June 5 through Sunday, June 8, Williamstown

    Details of each event will be posted as they become available.  That is, you will receive an EMail alert with a hyperlink to this website, which will for the foreseeable future serve as the class connection (along with, of course, regular mail to those electronically challenged).



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