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Report on the Class of 1953 Mini

Report on the Class of 1953 Mini-Reunion, October 2012

    Bob Tucker and Bob Howard, scholarship students at Williams, sat together at breakfast Saturday morning at the 1896 House.  "Did you ever think back when we were undergraduates," I asked the other Bob, "that we might dine so readily at the '96 House?"  In those earlier years it was the bastion of well-to-do Williams families, a place for the two Bobs to dine only if their roommate had a well-heeled father. The other Bob laughed and remembered the laundry collecting enterprise he instituted to pay his bills.  In our eighties the 1896 House Inn and Restaurant are the venues of choice.  If our prospects have changed, so has the reputation of the '96 House, from old school stodgy to accommodating of contemporary sensibilities. That, anyway, is what the owner tells me. And what Bob and Bob tell each other.

    Another mini-reunion for the Class of 1953, an appetizer for the main course, our 60th Reunion this coming June.  Be sure to reserve your rooms (at the '96 House and elsewhere) this week.  Barbara and I have already signed up for rooms for the June 2014 graduation of our grandson, Robert Carnes.  And, yes, they do take reservations that far in advance.

    At last count there were forty attendees: John Allan, Dud Baker, Bob and Joan Bauer, John Dighton, Dave Doheny, Lucy and Pete Fetterolf, Carol and Dan Fitch, Joy and Walter Flaherty, Barbara and Bob Howard, Derry and Tess Kruse, Mike Lazor, Happy and Todd Mauck, Bob and Daphne McGill, Jack and Mary Merselis, Anne and Charlie Mott, Art Murray, Bob and Liz Ouchterloney, Kathleen Piaggesi, Fred and Granthia Preston, Marin and Tim Robinson, Bob Sillcox and Sheila Thompson, Nancy and Pete Sterling, Bob and Bobbye Tucker, and Barbara Weedon. Carl ("Fritz") Liss, the Williams College football team's true purple fan, appeared at the game. Jim and Sheila Tompkins had to cancel out at the last minute because Jim was badly hobbled with arthritis.

    We gathered Friday night at Hobson's Choice restaurant on Water Street.  After a cocktail hour, we occupied the front room.  Drinks were provided by and in celebration of Tess and Derry Kruse on their 10th wedding anniversary. 

    Saturday morning many of us attended the standing room only lecture by Hedrick Smith '55, former correspondent for The New York Times, who in recent years has been producing film reports for PBS on issues around the world.

    Saturday at Weston Field the college provided a sandwich and chili luncheon.  The football game versus Middlebury was a disappointment for Williams.  Middlebury's quarterback again and again found receivers who had a feast on the Williams secondary.  The game was out of hand by the middle of the third quarter.  But the weather was pleasant and the company the best.

    That evening we cocktailed and dined at the McGills, lingering into the closing hours of the evening.


    Those of us who enjoyed the fall weekend in the purple hills, now turning from green to rusty and brown before morphing into purple, owe a debt of gratitude to Happy and Todd Mauck, the organizers and arrangers of the mini-reunion, and to Daphne and Tiger McGill, who once again opened their home for our festivities, even though they would be leaving that estate the next day for their second home in Florida.



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