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Report on the Class of 1953 Mini

Report on the Class of 1953 Mini-Reunion, October 2008

    The very congenial Class of 1953, Williams College, convened one more time in the familiar haunts of the purple hills. Thirty of us reuned.  All of the attendees are pictured below, with the exception of Mike and Jeanne Lazor, who were reported to have been seen by several of us, but who were busy chauffeuring a high school aged granddaughter to various colleges in New England.  The weekend was spent in eating, cheering, and lots and lots of talking.  The weather was perfect, the sun bright, the leaves brilliant, and the temperatures cool in the morning and warm in the afternoon. The heavens were smiling upon the septuagenarians.

    The football game versus Middlebury was a defensive struggle, and I mean it with heaps of sarcasm.  Williams led the men in blue and white 44 - 17 at the half.  The final whistle blew with the Ephs ahead 50 - 45.  Games of extreme frisbee have less scoring.  But we can't complain about the lack of suspense.  It wasn't over until it was over.  Granthia Preston, Middlebury '60, was disappointed but Fred, Williams '53, simply said "Phew!"  I usually pay little attention to the half-time program provided by the rag-tag Williams band; but this year it featured a twirler, not just your ordinary baton twirler, a young woman with what looked like two long-handled shiny machetes.  Instrumentalists kept a safe distance from her.  Meanwhile, Jim Tompkins, beside me, took advantage of the lull in the scoring and the warmth of the sun to recline on a stadium seat.  Pete Fetterolf and I made sure he didn't slip between the benches.  Basking Jim would have made a great photo, but it didn't occur to me until now to snap one of him.

The eating was done at Hobson's choice on Friday and the Taconic Golf Club House on Saturday.  Todd Mauck arranged the latter and Pete Connolly the former. 

    News gleaned from and about classmates include the following:

        * Dud and Gerry Baker have moved from Bennington to Williamstown.

        * Joan and John Dighton will be foregoing their usual South Carolina winter vacation and will remain in their home in Lenox MA this winter.

        * Bob and Daphne McGill will, however, be heading south after Thanksgiving for four months of warmer weather.

        * Hank and Sally Schreier were unable to make the reunion because Hank's back problems flared up.

        * Pete Fetterolf surprised this Methodist of many years with his confession of Methodist origins, by name of Lord, close to Dickinson College (a Methodist institution in origin).

        * Tess Kruse, Derry's very better half, was a medical doctor in family practice in the Philippines, but did not seek certification in the U. S.

        * Jean and Phil Ingwersen now reside in Exeter NH.

        * Peg and Hank Norwood recently returned from a bird-watching excursion in southwest Brazil.

    The leaf-peeping couldn't have been better. 

    The construction of the north and south office complexes, on either side of the soon-to-be-demolished Sawyer Library, has been completed.

    On to the next mini-reunion, which I calculate (but, please, don't take it as official) as Saturday, January 31, the annual Broadway show date, coinciding with the Annual Alumni Fund Telethon.

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