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Report on the Class of 1953 Mini

Report on the Class of 1953 Mini-Reunion, October 2009

    Williams College's most congenial class gathered one more time, Friday, October 9, and Saturday, October 10, in Williamstown. The purple mountains were transformed (just for our visit?) into the golden and crimson colors of leaf-peeping season.  The weather cooperated mostly, except for a cold and blustery downpour during (of course, of course, our one outside event) the football game vs. Bates.  The game was closely contested only in the first quarter.  After that, it was all purple.  In future games keep your eye out for No. 6 who runs like a smaller version of Usain Bolt.  A few of us braved the preview of the coming winter, sitting in the stands through the entire game, while others enhanced the bottom line of Spring Street retailers or rediscovered the bar at the Log.

    Herewith are a compilation of photos from our golden, if sometimes wet, weekend. To guide you in your perusal of the photos, check with this reference listing of attendees to identify first names with surnames:

    I tried to photograph everyone; but some classmates and spouses were elusive.  Here are some otherwise missing persons... but these much less than perfect shots still leave Daphne McGill, Dud Baker, and Fritz Liss (football game only) out of the picture.


     During the Saturday evening gathering a greeting card, provided by Dan Fitch, was signed by those present to let Bill Kimbrough know that he was very much in our thoughts.  Similar sentiments were also voiced in our conversations concerning Marlene Rand and Gerry Baker. 


           Barbara and I took the long way home Sunday, by way of Florida. The Mohawk Trail, remember, begins in North Adams, goes up and around the hairpin turn, and, voila, you're in Florida, Florida MA that is.

    Reserve on your 2010 calendar (and at your favorite Williamstown motel) the weekend of Friday and Saturday, October 1 - 2: the class fall mini-reunion is already booked with the college.  More to the point, Tiger and Daphne McGill have graciously offered to host dinner at their Williamstown home.

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