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Williams College Class of 1953 Mini

Williams College Class of 1953 Mini-reunion, September 22-24, 2006

    We sure do enjoy each other's company, purple to purple, seventies to seventies (except, of course, for the spouses, each of whom looks splendid enough to be a "trophy"), each of us with the wounds and the honors gathered along the way from 1949 to 2006.

    The weekend was punctuated with three events: Friday evening's dinner at the Log; Saturday's football game, watched from the shelter of the visiting team's gallery; and Saturday night's soiree at the Alumni House, a semi-formal affair with a grand meal and entertainment and a moment of moving sentiment.  I managed to leave my camera in the hotel room Friday evening, so I have no photographic record of the occasion.  At Pete Connolly's behest I did make a presentation on the Haystack Memorial celebration underway the same weekend in Williamstown.  If you are curious as to my take on American foreign missions, let me know and I'll Email you Friday night's presentation.

    Pete Connolly handed each of those present a treasurer's report by way of reminding us that another donation, preferably in the $150 category for each couple, would be necessary to keep the class solvent... and keep the wine flowing at our mini-reunions.  Pete also provided a list of the mini-reunion attendees: John Allan, Dud and Gerry Baker, Bob and Joan Bauer, Pete and Susan Connolly, John and Joan Dighton, Dave and Tess Doheny, Walter and Joy Flaherty, Bob and Barbara Howard, Boine Johnson, Steve and Joanne Klein, Derry and Tess Kruse, Mike and Jeanne Lazor, Todd and Happy Mauch, Bob and Daphne McGill, Harry and Sally Molwitz, Charlie and Anne Mott, Hank and Peg Norwood, Bob and Liz Ouchterloney, Seth Schapiro and Jill Robin, Hank and Sally Schreier, Pete and Nancy Sterling, Bob and Bobbye Tucker, Bruce and Perkie Van Dusen, and Barbara Weedon.

    The class reconvened Saturday at 1 PM in the visitor's stands at Weston Field.  A few of us could be seen an hour earlier eating a sandwich luncheon in the field house.  The game from start to finish was all Williams, with the final score Purple 27, Bowdoin 0.  A rooter for the Polar Bears, sitting behind us, possessed a voice like a trumpet.  With each glimmer of hope for his team, he blasted away at our ear drums.  Bob Tucker led the retreat from this Bowdoin fan, who was overheard telling those nearby that he had his electronic megaphone confiscated by the stadium police.  As if he needed one!

    Saturday, enticed by Connolly's promise of a romantic evening dressed to the nines, we reported for cocktails at 6 and dinner at 7 at the Alumni House.  President Dighton penned and sang new words to an old hymn, the "Ode to Joy," to celebrate the 53rd reunion of the 53ers.  Dighton and Doheny dueted on a ditty from their Zete days; followed by Connolly and Dighton in a duet of "Molly Malone."  Pete Connolly told a joke... which I do not recall, other than that there were a lot of groans with the punchline.  Pete Sterling remembered Donny Campbell in a very touching tribute to his classmate from elementary school through college.  Todd Mauck asked us to resolve to encourage the widows of classmates to join us at our bi-annual reunions.  We sang three college songs, one of which some of us had never heard before. The coffee and pumpkin pie were served, we tried to make a plan to regroup for breakfast, promised we would see one another the first weekend in February, and hugged our goodbyes.

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