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Class of 1953 Mini-Reunion February 2, 2008 in New York City

    Once again Seth Schapiro, the class' Broadway guardian angel, arranged for the best seats for theatergoers for the hit drama of the season, "August: Osage County."  Seth managed to favor Hank Schreier and Bob Howard with aisle seats, in consideration of their ancient and ailing legs. 

    "August," a three hour, single set soap opera situated in a large house on the hot and dusty plain of Oklahoma, offered every form of familial dysfunction imaginable: a pill-popping matriarch, an alcoholic and suicidal patriarch, three sisters at each others' throats, a weed smoking adolescent, some brother-sister cohabitation, a moment of pederasty,  even a table grace of sufficient duration and inanity to make mine sound like models of wit and brevity. But it was engrossing.  It certainly passed that tried and true test of theatrical worth, the "rump test"; that is, for hour after hour after hour that part of us on which we sit did not go numb.  The playwright, Tracy Letts, has concocted a drama half-way between "As the World Turns" and "The Little Foxes."

    Some trekked while others taxied and limousined to the Williams Club for cocktails following the cast's bows.  The class joined the many telethoners, on hand for the final push for the 2007-8 Alumni Fund, on the top floor where the greetings and conversation were curtailed due to the length of the play and the 7 PM date for dinner at a nearby restaurant. 

    Those present for some if not all of the mini-reunion were: John Allan, Tim Beard, Dorothy Calkins, Peter and Susan Connolly, Nancy and Woody D’Oench, Lucy and Peter Fetterolf, Barbara and Bob Howard, Boine Johnson and Kathleen Piaggesi, Joanne Klein, Happy and Todd Mauck, Anne and Charlie Mott, Art and Judy Murray, Hank and Peg Norwood, Bob and Liz Ouchterloney, Tim Robinson, Jill Robin and Seth Schapiro, Henry and Sally Schreier, Nancy and Peter Sterling, and Barbara Weedon.

      The food delighted and the wine flowed at our by-now traditional restaurant, the one with Northern Italian cuisine, the Stella Del Mare.  Treasurer Peter Connolly provided the money for the bottles of red and white.  Peter Sterling, at Charlie Mott's behest, announced that our class' part of the Alumni Fund was an oversubscribing success.  Seth was applauded for his guardian angelship.  Around the tables we caught up with each other's progress through the days and wondered again and aloud at how anomalous (and thoroughly characteristic) is the pleasure 1953ers take in each other's company.

    Barbara and I said our goodbyes, walked out of the door of the restaurant into the city night, and stopped in our tracks after a half a block to gaze at the Chrysler Building's lighted spire.

    It was a very good day and a very enjoyable evening.

    See you in June! 


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