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Class of 1953 Bulletin Board

Class of 1953 Bulletin Board, November 20, 2008

   Barbara and I attended the Little Three Football Championship Series of 2008.  We were lonely '53ers, except for the companionship of John Dighton and a sighting of Fritz Liss at the Wesleyan Game in Williamstown; and a brief encounter with Steve and Joanne Klein's granddaughter, Rebecca Tyson, at Amherst.  The November 1st game versus the Cardinals from Middletown CT started badly, Wesleyan scoring first.  But the second half was all Ephs.  They won going away. The Amherst game was tight from beginning to end, down to the last 42 seconds to be exact.  That was when the defensive cornerback for Williams intercepted a Lord Jeff pass and secured the 24 - 23 victory.  Williams alums were treated to a healthy gourmet lunch in a tent set up at Pratt Field just for that purpose.  We dined with college trustee, Mike Keating, who assured us he was not one of the Five.


    Sally Utiger sent me the following notification of a Memorial Reception for Bob at Brigham and Women's Hospital, tomorrow, November 21st.  Here is the bio which accompanied the invitation to the reception:

    In a note accompanying this tribute to Bob, Sally sent me a photo of the cemetery headstones and footstones in Peru VT.  Apparently there are protocols regarding who is buried where, left and right, in Vermont cemeteries. Sally was amused, as Bob surely would be, with the exchange of communications from the cemetery explaining TRADITION.  Sally also expressed in her letter her gratitude to the many Williams classmates who gifted the college re Bob's request.  Sally's address is: 147 Hickory Rd, Weston MA 02193-1469.


    Pete Connolly sends this photo of Tommy Dorsey decked out in his Class of 1953 55th reunion regalia. 

    Barbara sends along the good news, after a long season of sorrow, that she and Tommy welcomed a new grandson on September 14th. 

    Many of us have stories to tell about TD.  Including the Howards.  Tommy never forgot to thank us every five years for a blue decorative wicker basket we gave them as a wedding present.  And he particularly enjoyed reminding us that they kept it in the bathroom atop the toilet tank, the basket filled with tissues.  Then there was the fall afternoon Tommy's dad, at TD's request, leaned into the open window of my parents' car and introduced himself... as if that were necessary! 

    Barbara's address is: 4524 South Alton St, Greenwood Village CO 80111-1207.


    Please feel free to send me photos and news of personal milestones.  Steve Klein assures me that he will not complain that I am crimping his style.

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