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AVery, Very Merry Christmas  to  You and Yours


Ours and  Us

    Curious or not, here we come... as pictured.


    1. Kathy Curtis: Mom, Shiatsu massage specialist, Yoga instructor, who maintains the cleanest house in Shrewsbury MA.

    2. PupCake: a fifteen month old toy poodle rescued by the Curtises from frailty and developed into an ace ball chaser and all round friendly fellow.

    3. Steve Curtis: Dad, instrumental music teacher and jazz band director at Neary Middle School in Southborough MA, budding composer (check out his listings on, Patriot and Red Sox fan with a lot to cheer about.

    4. Gwen Mahoney: Mom of four, paper and test correcter for the Calvert Home Schooling program, as yet unpublished author ("Two Blossoms on a Single Stem," the story of Evelyn Weir Howard's journey from Northern Ireland to Stamford CT), and landscaper of a five acre tract at 22 Brook Farm Court, Cockeysville MD.

    5. Ben Mahoney: eight year old third grade student at Pot Springs School in Timonium MD, class popular guy and expressive reader, who is struggling a little less each year with being the youngest.

    6. Alanna Curtis: four year old nursery school student, singer and dancer, with a fondness for princesses (especially Ariel), purple, and pink.

    7. Betsy Carnes: Mom to twin soon-to-be thirteen year olds, their patient tutor, encourager and disciplinarian; substitute teacher; artist illustrator; and one of the two cooks and cleaning ladies at 75 Fox Chase Lane, West Hartford CT. 



    8. Robert Carnes: seventh grader student at King Philip Middle School in WH, saxophonist, pianist, A student, whose hair hangs down in ringlets carefully wound with help from Mom.

    9. Jack Mahoney: seventh grade student at St. Paul's School in Baltimore, a twelve year old well on his way to six feet tall, independent of mind, and gentle of disposition.

    10. Craig Mahoney: ninth grade student at St. Paul's School in Baltimore, a lanky fourteen year old lacrosse player and guitarist with a fondness for the music of the 70's, a very good student with a taste for healthy diets.

    11. Teddy: the Mahoney's seven year old Yorkiepoo, the Howard's summer rent-a-dog, comporting himself at family gatherings with dignity while the two other younger pooches frolic like... well, younger pooches, yet always ready, like them, for friendly petting.

    12. Brian Mahoney: Dad to four; partner, beginning last January, in a financial venture named Calvert Street Capital Partners (; soon to be world traveler, to places as far-flung as Kuwait; and an avid golfer, if, by his own admission, somewhat less effective than Tiger Woods.

    13. Jessica Mahoney: sixteen year old junior at Bryn Mawr School in Baltimore; singer and actor; avid reader from early on; a high scorer on the PSAT's who soon begins the search for a college to attend, but not before trips to France, Spain, and, of course, Ireland.

    14. Barbara Howard: Grandmother, retired NY City schoolteacher; traveler (Norway - note the sweater - in July, the Caribbean in January); pianist; cook and cleaner at 75 Fox Chase Lane; tutor and insister for two sometimes reluctant students; and matriarchal companion to the patriarch in his (mostly) pastoral endeavors.

    15. Henry Carnes: seventh grade student at King Philip Middle School in WH, trumpeter, pianist, A student, whose hair resembles Einstein's on a bad day, the family electronic facilitator.   

    16. Tappy: twenty pound fifteen month old Bichon Frise who has added her own special ingredient of excitement to the household in WH, greeting each person in the family, upon return home after an hour or more away, with outrageous delight.

    17. Bob Howard: Pa or Pop-Pop, house repair specialist, dishwasher, enforcer of twins' Mom's rules, a retired pastor, whose main creative endeavor is the maintenance of this website.


    2004 was the year of the knee.  See a subsequent posting on this website, following a final visit to the orthopedist.

    2005 will be the golden year.  50th wedding anniversary celebrations will include the aforementioned trip to the Caribbean in January and a family gathering at the Silvermine Inn in Norwalk CT in June.  Maybe, just maybe, we'll also visit with Mickey and Minnie in April.





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