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A Golden Year

A Golden Year

    The year began, middled, but did not end, suffused in gold... as in 50th Anniversary gold.  In February we sailed the Caribbean aboard a three-masted sailing ship, starting in Barbados, heading south to Trinidad, before going north leeward of the archipelago.   It was a most splendid vacation from Hartford's winter, shadowed only by Barbara's episode of shingles three weeks prior to departure.  If you haven't already sailed with us vicariously, you may still do so by accessing our photographic report on the Internet (go and look under Personal Matters, Golden Caribbean).

     Upon our return we began the preparations for the big golden bash for family and a few friends on June 17th, just a day shy of the full fifty years.  A PowerPoint presentation was put together tracking the merger of two lives from their separateness to their togetherness and their fruitfulness.  Meanwhile our daughters and their families were busy collaborating on pictorial, literary, and musical tributes to their golden parents.  The celebration took place at Silvermine Tavern in Norwalk CT, convenient for downstate family, and capable of boarding twenty overnighters who traveled from as far away as Tallahassee FL. 

    The golden aura next touched West Hartford and our home of three years.  On Sunday, September 11th, we hosted an open-house for central Connecticut neighbors and friends, many of them recently embraced.  The afternoon was devoted to food and drink and conversation, absent speech and fuss making. 

    As our reward to ourselves for being generous neighbors, we flew to Paris in late September and boarded a river barge for seven days of sightseeing along the Seine. 

    The golden crown to our year was the christening of our newest grandchild, Sohani Dion Curtis, second child of our daughter Kathy and her husband Steve.

    Among the other treasures of this golden year we count: the memories of our last visits to the Davis homestead on Shelter Island, sold in early March to an East End architect and her husband; a month in the country, in our cabin on the hill in Corinth VT; reunions, several of them, with Williams classmates, in Vermont, Williamstown, Middletown (CT), and Portland (CT); attendance at two dozen concerts here in musical Central Connecticut; and just enjoying the only home we have ever owned.

    The family gathered again for Thanksgiving.  Here is our annual portrait.

    And here's the lowdown on each of those pictured, not counting the Matriarch and Patriarch, about whom enough has already been reported.

      Kathy Curtis, full-time Mom in Shrewsbury MA, yoga instructor, shiatsu massage specialist, homemaker, and head-stand exerciser.

       Sohani Curtis, four plus months of contented tottery, ready to smile with every look in her direction.

      Steve Curtis, loving husband and Dad, music teacher in his 29th year in Southborough MA, turning 50 this month, budding composer of arrangements for elementary and middle school bands.

      Jack Mahoney, eighth grader at St. Paul's School in Baltimore, six footer soon, football and lacrosse athlete, with his own very idiosyncratic take on life.

      Alanna Curtis, five year old, independent-minded pre-schooler, eager conversationalist, lover of pink and purple.

     Brian Mahoney, doting Dad and attentive husband, peripatetic co-owner of investment firm Calvert Street Capital Partners in Baltimore, avid golfer.

      Teddy Mahoney, lovable yorkie-poo lapdog, senior member of the trio of off-white pets.

      Ben Mahoney, Brett Favre and the Packers' most ardent fan (even in a dismal season), acutely literate fourth grader, the young one in the family and not always liking it.

     Jessica Mahoney, senior at Bryn Mawr School in Baltimore, bagel store waitress, singer/actress, avid reader, applicant for early admission at (you guessed it!) Williams College.

    Gwen Mahoney, successful  juggler of a variety of roles: Mom, wife, home improvement (for 22 Brook Farm Court, Cockeysville MD) coordinator, Calvert School home study program test evaluator, author, and chauffeur.

     Pupcake Curtis, the miniature poodle loved into good health by his family, incessant ball-chaser, loud yipper.

   Craig Mahoney, sophomore at St. Paul's School, nearing six feet, stand-out student, budding musician (guitar), Dad's match as a golfer.

     Betsy Carnes, Mom, tutor, and pal to her twin boys, West Hartford public school substitute teacher, artist, baker, Tappy's favorite playmate.

      Robert Carnes, twin with the "dread" curls, outstanding student at King Philip Middle School, jazz saxophonist, pianist, guitar player, incessant nudge to his brother.

       Henry Carnes, twin with the Einstein do, electronic maven, jazz trumpeter, pianist, guitar player, very good student, and (mostly) patient abider of his brother's nudging. 

       Tappy Carnes/Howard, twenty pound bichon friese, comfort and delight to the residents at 75 Fox Chase Lane, mailman's nemesis, bottomless pit for table scraps.





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