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Herewith is a photo-illustrated review of the growing edge of the family Barbara and Bob started fifty-eight and a half years ago.  Two photos were taken at this year's Thanksgiving feast when all eight grandchildren were present and dining, if not all on turkey, then all on pies of one kind or another.

Starting with the men... well, Barbara and I started with three daughters, but they have provided us with three granddaughters and five grandsons. Follow the numbers in the photo.

1. Henry Decker Carnes IV, senior at UConn Storrs, pre-med, planning to take a year off after a May graduation, during which time he hopes to work as an EMT (he's already certified) and file his applications for medical school.

2. Isaac Middelmann, Jessica's significant other, English and French teacher at Regents Prep in Austin TX, a citizen of three countries (U. S., Switzerland, and Germany), planning to embark on a legal career within the aeronautical industry.

3. Jessica Lauren Mahoney, our eldest grandchild at twenty-five, a Mandarin Chinese and Political Science major, graduated from Williams College in 2010, presently working as an administrative assistant in the Political Science Department at the University of Texas in Austin.

4. Robert Davis Carnes, senior at Williams College, a double major, economics and psychology, hoping after a June graduation to find a paralegal job this coming year while he prepares to take the LSAT and apply to law schools, an idea that came to him after a summer as an intern in the DA's office in Springfield MA.

5. Craig Thomas Mahoney, 2012 graduate of Connecticut College, now living in Baltimore while taking courses at Community College of Baltimore County leading to a career in physical therapy and allied personal services.

6. Jack Robert Mahoney, senior a the University of Richmond, majoring in leadership studies with a minor in business marketing, working this past summer for Mike McGuinn's unsuccessful run to succeed himself as Mayor of Seattle, uncertain as to future vocation.

7. Benjamin Howard Mahoney, the youngest of Gwen's children, a senior at St. Paul's School in Baltimore, accepted by early decision for the Class of 2018 at Wake Forest, adept in the Japanese language, having spent his second tour there this past summer.

8. Gweneth Howard Mahoney, Mom to 3, 5, 6, and 7, adjunct instructor at Towson University, avid hiker, peripatetic parent following her children around the world.


Balancing the yin yang of our clan are the Curtises of Shrewsbury MA, seen here in a photo also from this past Thanksgiving Day pie extravaganza at 75 Fox Chase Lane, West Hartford CT.  Left to right:

Sohani Dion, third grader, animal lover, compassionate and kind friend, violinist, momma's helper and protector, bright, artistic, musical and graceful.

 Kathryn, energy healing practitioner, and therapeutic yoga and self-healing techniques instructor, home landscaper, loving manager of her own kennel of three (Willi, Charlotte, and Little Deva), mother to two unique daughters.

Alanna Sophia, seventh grader, the youngest teenager in our clan, having turned 13 earlier this month, actress, theater lover, future aspiring film director, clarinetist and saxophonist, never to be seen without her IPad, with which she has created albums of beautiful photos, intense and dramatic, activist for animal and human rights and equanimity.


Barbara and I took a trip down nostalgia lane this past summer.  We returned to First United Methodist Church, Stamford CT, where we first met and later married.  Here is a photo from that occasion, August 9th.  Daughter BetsyNB and friend, Shawn Hoar, along with niece, Janet Davis, and friends from college, Fred and Ed Goldstein, celebrated the occasion with dinner at a local Italian restaurant.

NB.  A note about our personal guardian angel, the child who has lived with us and enabled us to maintain and keep in order a large suburban house, providing us with a couple of young men who have injected an unexpected purpose into our senior years, a woman, Betsy is, who knows more about giving and loving than a preacher twice her age.  Barbara and I have been incredibly blessed with three loyal and loving daughters, a holy trinity led by their eldest, Elizabeth Emily.


Here are some additional photos of the family.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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