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Barbara and Bob Howard’s Family Tree

(with nary a Howard name on it)

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Sohani Curtis: bright and bright-eyed six year old daughter of daughter Kathy and her husband Steve Curtis of Shrewsbury MA, first grader, violinist, with a very large vocabulary

Ben Mahoney: fifteen year old son of daughter Gwen and Brian Mahoney, tenth grade student at St. Paul’s School in Baltimore, excellent student, anticipating a trip to Japan this spring, where he can try out his facility with Japanese

Robert Carnes, son of daughter Betsy, a sophomore at Williams College on an academic track leaving open the possibility of a career in medicine, track athlete running the 400 meter dash and lesser distances

Alanna Curtis: daughter of aforementioned daughter Kathy and Steve, eleven year old fifth grader who recently played Huckleberry Finn in a school play, musician (clarinet and sax) and avid reader

Henry Carnes: son of daughter Betsy, a sophomore at UConn, immersed in classes and outside activities preparing him for a career in medicine, an electronic maven, ardent participant in ultimate Frisbee

Craig Mahoney, son of daughter Gwen, senior at Connecticut College, majoring in music composition, player of piano and guitar, possibly aiming for a teaching career which combines music and electronic savvy

Jack Mahoney, son of daughter Gwen, sophomore at Richmond (VA) University, majoring perhaps in English or History, capable of seeing himself as a professor of one or the other somewhere down the line

Jessica Mahoney, daughter of Gwen, Williams College graduate in 2010, now living in Austin TX after a year on a teaching Fulbright in Taiwan, intern at a public radio KUT, recently to be heard on the Internet, currently holding down three jobs (college counseling, Taiwanese restaurant hostess, and SAT prep)

Tappy: bichon friese, family dog, who greets everyone below her with importuning enthusiasm and licks which have to be acknowledged with caresses

A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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